15 Best Bow Ties Reviews – Coolest Self-Ties for Men

While men’s neckties are compatible with any occasion wearing a bow tie is slightly controversial.

Perhaps, cultural appropriation is paramount when you are expecting the best bow ties to grace your appearance!

Now, apart from all the “big talks,” deep inside, we all want to integrate some versatile bow ties in our closet regardless of occasions and sentiments.

But in physical stores or online shops, bow ties seem to bear sky-high pricing, which feels coherent.

So, we took a break from our everyday life and invested few precious hours finding out the budget-friendly bow ties that no one tells you about. We curated a list of 15 underrated bow ties that are cost-effective and refines the sartorial environment.

From here, we have elaborated on this topic a little bit for beginners who want an in-depth insight. If you are already aware of it, feel free to skip the following two parts and jump to the review section.

What Does A Bow Tie Mean?

As the name suggests, a bow tie is a tie that mimics the look of a bow or a knot with two loops. It’s a type of necktie which is actively inhabited by people who follows a distinct cult.

Where some people adhere to cultural appropriation and avoid wearing them casually, some people wear bow ties in weddings, bachelorettes, fresher’s parties, etc.

Decades earlier, people used to wear bow ties only after 6 PM because in daylight, wearing a bow tie was inappropriate or somewhat uncalled for. Besides, the designs used to be very straightforward yet immaculate.

Now, if you look close into the world of bowties, you will see the radical difference in designs and patterns. And not gonna lie, the progress is commendable. Even some manufacturers tailor bow ties depending on various outfits and events. Thus, the idea of disregarding sartorial etiquettes is terminated.

You will see a ribbon of fabric tied around the collar of silk or classic shirt at symmetrical posture. And no wonder the end of the ribbons faces each other in the opposite direction; distance from the loop.

Bow Tie vs Necktie

Bow Tie Vs Necktie

Okay, so here we are gonna be brutally honest no matter if it’s hard to digest. Now, neckties and bow ties both are great in certain aspects, but in terms of compatibility, neckties reign.

Because when you wear a bow tie, you have to be very careful with the alignment and balance as in whether it’s perfectly proportioned or not. Sometimes the bow tie looks slightly misplaced, and dang! Your whole look is ruined!

Now, imagine neckties in this situation. Trust me, neckties are way easier to maintain. It takes a very little space of your girth and fits seamlessly. Even if it gets messed up, it kinda looks cool, giving you the dashing after-work look.

To conclude, neckties are easier to carry; however, if you choose the perfect bow tie for the right event like a formal occasion, geekdom, cult gatherings, or a congregation farewell, then it can outsmart neckties.

15 Best Bow Ties for Men

Your search for the best men’s bow ties has come to an end. We have handpicked each bow tie depending on their various attributes individually. And here we would like to tell you that not all of them are “premium” and going to appease your demands, but we will try our best to represent the good sides as well as drawbacks.

Let’s get into it!

1. RBOCOTT Men’s Handmade Feather Pre-tied Bow tie and Brooch Sets

RBOCOTT Mens Feather Bow tie

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This high-quality bow tie is for men who want to complement their formal look with a fancy brooch. Here RBCOTT offers more than 22 color choosing options from where you can purchase your desired bow tie.

And each bow tie has a different feather-like pattern in vibrant mixed and solid colors. You will have matching brooches paired with them to enhance the look. Now, about the size, it’s 2.75 inches wide that seamlessly fits on a standard girth. Hence, if you don’t have to stress over having a wider chest.

These bow ties won’t nullify the formal aura at all. Make sure to wear a solid color outfit if you are going to pair it up with the red pre-tied bows. It will give it a suitable background for intensifying the color vibrancy.

Furthermore, compared to the quality, size suitability, and color variation, the price is competitive. Not to mention, these are the best men’s bow ties for a wedding.

2. Alizeal Men’s Paisley Jacquard Untied Bow Tie Pocket

Alizeal Mens Pocket Bow Tie Set

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There’s literally no one who can deny the elegance of paisley patterns. In fact, paisley bow ties have their presence in every dapper men’s closet. Speaking of this, Alizeal men’s bow tie features a ravishing paisley pattern.

Plus, it comes with a complimentary pocket square to ensure a proper gentlemen’s look. You will have these polyester-made bow ties in a wide range of colors and patterns. Be it a supremely vibrating color or a dark tinted one.

On top of that, each pattern is diverse than the other one. It measures 4 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width. Making it appropriate for men with standard height and chest, this one is regarded as the best formal bow tie among many.

3. Alizeal Mens Tuxedo Bow Tie, Hanky and Cufflinks Set

Alizeal Mens Tuxedo Bow Tie

No products found.

These are probably the men’s cufflink sets for all occasions. First thing first, the blend of high-quality polyester and silk is unbeatable. The classic profile is effectively streamlined with a silky-smooth finish. Just like satin. In fact, the texture holds a sleek impression that hooks anyone’s attention amongst the crowd.

You will have a bow tie, a matching hanky, and cufflinks to adorn your look sophisticatedly. There are more than 15 different colors with adjustable sizes. Here the bow tie is 2.75 inches in width and 4.7 inches in length, which allows men with standard girth to maintain the idealness.

Moreover, this entire package is built to last so that you don’t have to invest constantly in tuxedo bow ties. Wear them on a special occasion with an elegant tuxedo shirt or any other uniforms, and get ready to stay in the limelight.

4. Manoble Men’s Adjustable Metal Golden Wings Two Layer Neck Bowtie Bow Tie

Manoble Two Layer Neck Bow Tie

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Sometimes plaided or plain silk bow ties don’t work for a grand wedding ceremony. You need something extra that gives off the festive vibe.

And for that, we would like to drag your attention into Manoble’s imported bow tie. This bow tie has a golden metal wing affixed on a 1200D polyester fabric.

Surprisingly the material delivers a feeling of silk and satin.

And the silk-like luster enhances the beauty of the bow tie while you will see two thin cubic chain dangling from the wings.

And here, you don’t have to worry about color fading, wrinkles, or statics. The golden color will last for a prolonged time. You can choose your go-to color from the different color spectrums.

Besides, if necessary, you can wash them routinely as they are water-resistant.

Now about the sizes, it has the length and width of 4.72 inches x 2.36 inches, which fit ideally in a relatively wider girth as well as narrow ones. However, the price is slightly expensive than others, but it pays off.

5. Classic Handmade Mens Wood Bow Tie

Elountik Mens Wood Bow Tie

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Are you on the lookout for a high-quality cufflink set?

Well, presenting Elountik’s classic handmade bow tie, which is pre-tied and includes cufflinks and a matching pocket square.

The specialty of this bow tie confides in the quintessential craftsmanship. This bow tie is crafted with beach wood, which embodies an environment friendly and non-toxic profile.

Also, these bow ties are recyclable to conserve natural sources. Speaking of this, the wood grain pattern is entirely plastered on the bow tie. It immediately conveys a sense of traditional value.

And it effortlessly keeps the head-turning in your direction the moment you enter into a gathering. Thanks to the eye-flattering colors.

Now, these bow-ties are pre-tied, and it saves your time from the extra hassle. Furthermore, it’s compatible with all neck sizes and requires no ironing at all. Wear these bow ties with confidence and make your presence distinguishable.

6. HISDERN Men’s Check Plaid Bowtie Formal Tuxedo Self-Tie Bow Tie

HISDERN Men's Check Plaid Bow Tie

No products found.

Okay, so this one is a self-tie bow tie distributed by the HISDERN Store. In simple words, you have to tie the knot by yourself. It comes in an array of plaided pattern and colors.

Anyone who is looking for a bow tie and pocket square set can give it a go. Because this package includes a plaided bow tie cloth made from high thread count material and a handkerchief, which you can wear like a pocket square.

The width of this bow tie is 2.7 inches, and the length is 4.3 inches, which makes it compatible with men with bigger and standard girth.

Now, coming back to the ‘self-tie” thing, it might feel like a bump, but if you think wisely, then self-tie bow ties actually summons individuality, unlike pre-tied ones. You can make your own knot the way you prefer.

If it feels perplexing or time-consuming, you can make an all-purpose knot following a video tutorial and stitch it from a professional tailor. That’s a quick hack if you want to avoid perpetual tie-ups.

Wear them on any formal occasion like weddings, birthday parties, gala nights, or anniversaries to allure your folks!

7. TINYHI Men’s Pre-Tied Satin Formal Tuxedo Bowtie

TINYHI Adjustable Formal Bow Tie

No products found.

Here, we have TINYHI”s premium bow tie, which is pre-tied and made of soft and plush satin material. No wonder satins are one of the finest material that signifies the perfect luster and smoothness. And when you have satin bow ties, it suggests you are going to be in the limelight of the occasion.

A signature black tuxedo with a satin black tie paired with a plain white shirt will speak for royalty and tradition.

If you don’t want to limit yourself to wearing black, then there are more than 15 color variations from where you can pick your preferred one.

Here, the best part of these bow ties is the length adjustment facility, you can adjust the neck from 5-22 inches.

Also, there are large and medium sizes available for teens, adults, and kids who are willing to participate in a formal occasion.

We will suggest you having more than one color if you are about to buy this as the pricing is very cheap, and satin bowties effectively accentuate your wardrobe palette.

8. AUSKY 8 PACKS Elegant Adjustable Pre-tied Bow Ties for Men

AUSKY Adjustable Pre-tied Bow ties for Men

No products found.

Ausky distributes a finely curated bow tie package of different colors and patterns. The brand offers 8 adjustable bow ties starting from a plain solid color to stripped and polka-dotted designs.

All of them are constructed with polyester silk in order to withstand tear, color fading, and wrinkles. You can embellish your appearance with these bow ties accompanying a signature vest and suspenders.

Also, make sure to have a collared shirt to bring the best out of these. Now, as they are pre-tied, you require no skill of tying a perfect knot.

Hence, your time and energy are hoarded for the occasion only! To conclude, this package is definitely a bang for the money. You won’t get a box full of patterned bow ties at such a price that doesn’t compromise quality. We recommend you this one if you are fishing for the ideal gift for your beloved.

9. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Buffalo Tartan Pre-Tied Bow Tie

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Pre-Tied Bow Tie

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If you crave quality over anything, then the Tommy Hilfiger Buffalo Tartan Bow Tie will satisfy your yearnings. And let us tell you that it’s not the fake or replicated ones but authentic bow ties from their signature collection.

You will receive the exact same color and pattern as shown in the display, and the best part is these bow ties are made of 100% silk. The moment you get them in hand, you will instantly feel the soft touch and seamless finish.

However, this bow tie doesn’t work well for men with a wider chest. Because it comes with a thin profile, which only looks appropriate on skinny men.

But men with bigger girth can style them up if their outfit is well fitted or skin-tight, as narrow outfits embrace narrow bow ties. Lastly, make sure you don’t clean them with detergent or any harmful cleaning agent. Simply dry wash them and celebrate your special day with a hint of elegance.

10. Amazon Brand – Buttoned Down Men’s Classic Silk Self-Tie Bow Tie


No products found.

We obsess over stripe patterns more than paisley. And even when it comes to choosing a simple yet sophisticated bow tie, we land our faith on striped bow ties with solid colors. If you are one of us, then consider trying the Amazon Brand’s buttoned-down self-tie bow tie.

It doesn’t have an elaborate design, but the neat striped pattern modifies the entire look of your outfit. As you need to tie this bow tie by yourself, you will have to invest more time in getting ready. No wonder self-tie bow ties are troublesome and complicated but learning the process will be counted as a skill.

However, you can adjust the sizes from 14.5” to 20″ neck size. And the width is 2.5 inches, which fit almost everyone. Make sure to dry cleaning them only as any trace of chemical exposure can damage the strength of silk.

11. JEMYGINS Original Men’s Bowtie Self Bow Tie & Pocket Square Set

JEMYGINS Original Mens Self Bow Tie

No products found.

The unique zigzag pattern of JEMYGINS helps you stand out in the crowd. It comes with a self-bow tie and a matching pocket square.

Unlike other bow ties, it’s entirely handmade and yields a thick texture making it useful for perpetual use. These are basically adjustable neckties that can be altered from 13 3/4” to 18” neck size. Although you need to make the bow by yourself, it’s pretty straightforward and takes less than a minute.

Moreover, there are more approximately 8 different colors and patterns to meet your various need. Choose the appropriate color that blends well with your formal tuxedo and hone up your appearance to a whole new level.

12. 5 Pack Floral Pre-tied Bowtie Adjustable Neck Band Men 


No products found.

While few people recommend this bow tie for younger men, we believe it graces anyone’s personality if he is confident about it. Because there’s this stereotypical notion that floral print is only for young men, where in reality, there’s no such rule in the realm of fashion.

Any outfit with a plain solid color, be it a half sleeve casual shirt or a full sleeve tuxedo, can be highlighted with a floral bow tie.

Now, it comes with an assortment of 5 floral printed bow ties that are priorly tied. Hence, you don’t have to waste time getting ready. Secondly, the designs are very neat and pristine. Thus, it makes a perfect duo with formal solid color outfits.

Speaking of sizes, it’s around 4.7″(12cm) wide x 0.2″(6cm) high, which is undeniably a perfect fit for all the alpha men out there. Ensure having this bow tie package for occasions like weddings, business, birthday parties, father’s day, etc.

13. Herringbone Stripe Woven Pre-tied Bow Tie 

Herringbone Stripe Woven Bow Tie

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On the contrary to typical stripe bow ties, this one yields a more consistent design. The stripes here reflect the psychedelic vibe on a 100% polyester microfiber fabric. And what we like most about this bow tie is the simplicity. There’s no exaggeration of color or patterns. Just simple, consistent striped lines in light solid colors.

You will have a matching pocket square and cufflinks to give your outfit the ampleness it lacks. The width of this bow tie is 5 inches, and we must say that it’s so far the widest bow tie in this entire list.

Pretty obvious this bow tie is a complete no-no for men with a narrow chest. However, if you have a wide torso and a good physique, this pre-tied woven bow tie will entice you.

14. Mens Brown Blue Plaid Casual Formal Self-Tie Cotton Bow Tie Adjustable Length Bowtie

Ellis Casual Cotton Bow Tie

No products found.

If you are into cotton bow ties and ready to invest a little more than usual, then this brown blue plaid bow tie will do the job.

Now, speaking of the price, there are plenty of bow ties that come in assortments or a package full of other accessories. And they cost less than this single self-tied cotton bow tie. But there’s a significant difference between the quality.

Undoubtedly cotton ties are utterly comfortable for regular use. Especially when you are supposed to make the bow by yourself, cotton ones come most accessible.

Similarly, this one features a plaided design of two different colors, and it can be adjusted from 13.5 inches to 18.5 inches neck size. To be specific, the length is 2.5″, and the width is 4.5” inches.

You can pair it up with any casual and formal outfit on various occasions. And as we already said, it’s relatively pricier but prioritizing quality over quantity is also crucial when it’s for your special day. Isn’t it?

15. Belluno Boys BowTies 8-Pack, Pre-tied Bow-Ties Adjustable for Kids, Children, Toddler BowTies

Belluno Boys BowTies

No products found.

We thought of including a bow tie set that is specifically crafted for children. And Belluno provides so far the best ones. It comes with 8 polyesters made bow ties with individual colors and patterns.

First of all, it’s pre-tied so that your kid can wear it by himself; secondly, it has U-hook that makes the neck strap manipulation easier than ever.

Thus, it’s a kid-friendly bow tie with a perfect size of 3.9 inches in length and 1.9 inches in width. From now on, you won’t be the only one slaying the formal outfit; your child will be joining the squad too.

Facts to Consider Before Buying Bow Tie

Buy Bow Tie

While shopping for bow ties, you contemplate so many things by default. For instance, how the pattern should be, should I get the pre-tied one or the self-tie ones, is it supposed to be plaided or paisley, what should be the ideal size, etc.

And trust me, all these subconscious conflicts are rational as bow-ties play a significant role in depicting your personality. Also, it’s not a necktie that can be paired with almost anything.

It needs cultural appropriation and accuracy. Hence, we have narrowed down few crucial facts that you must consider while shopping for the best men’s bow ties.

Check them out!

Purpose of Buying

The very first thing that you should take into account is knowing why you are buying the bow-tie in the first place.

To be precise, ask yourself why you need the bow-tie or where you are supposedly wearing it.

For example, if you are planning to attend a wedding, then the bow tie should be assessed depending on the ceremony.

Now, some weddings have their own dress code or a theme which you must follow.

In this case, you want to buy a bow-tie that goes well with formal outfits or the themed outfit.

If it’s a black tuxedo shirt, then you will probably choose a vibrantly patterned bow tie or a paisley one.

As opposed to that, if you want to keep your appearance classic, then a striped pattern on solid color will do just fun.

So, here you have to consider the purpose of buying at first. Be it a wedding or a business gathering.


Well, there is a wide range of different materials for bow ties. And you might not decipher that the material initiates a substantial effect.

Take satin material as an example. If your bow tie is made of satin, then the effect will be shinier than other materials. Compared to polyester and cotton, satin material has better luster and color vibrancy.

Not only the sheen satin bow ties are prominent for their compatibility with any outfit or suits. There are other materials like velvet, silk, polyester-silk, microfibre, etc.; all of them are diverse in terms of texture, color saturation, durability, sustenance, etc. You have to choose them by evaluating their characteristics.

Or, in simpler words, inspect the texture focusing on the outfit you are going to wear. If that matches perfectly, then get it all ready.

One more thing that you should know is silk and satin ties are always in trend as they promote a timeless and chic look.

Hence, they are the most compatible ones no matter what you are wearing.

Size – What Size Tie Should You Get?

Depending on your height, neck, and torso size, you should determine the ideal measurement tie fashions for men. The standard size for men’s bow ties is between 38 to 50 cm, or you can say 15 to 20 inches neck size.

This metric has been set by the average neck sizes of men. If you have a somewhat wider or narrower neck, then you should go for more than 20 inches and less than 15 inches accordingly.


No wonder the bow tie should be comfortable to carry. In terms of comfort, silk, cotton, and satin surpass other premium materials. If you are shopping online, then it’s impossible to feel the smoothness, but we can assure you that if you choose satin, silk, and cotton materials, then the softness will emerge by default.

Ensure You’re Buying the Correct Bow Tie for the Suit and Shirt You Have

Bow Tie for the Suit and Shirt

Your bow tie should match the suit and shirt you have in your closet. Mostly the shirt collars matter when you incorporate a bow tie and square pocket with it. There are cutaway, Windsor, spread, buttoned-down, and other collar options for casual events.

However, if your shirt has a winged collar, then you can go for a sleek black bow tie. Another interesting fact is that you can wear bow ties with short sleeve shirts as well. And it’s one of the best ways to spruce up your short-sleeved shirt and provide you a dapper look.

Furthermore, floral bow ties or polka-dotted bow ties blend well with solid color shirts and tuxedos. Just make sure that the color of the bow tie is comparatively darker than the background shirt and suit.

Thus, it will look more accentuated and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash a bow tie?

Yes, you can only if it’s mentioned. Most bow ties allow dry cleaning.

How to Take Care of a Bow Tie?

To take care of your bow tie, you have to iron it and dry clean it if it’s not pre-tied. Otherwise, you don’t have to iron or use anything for flattening the crinkles. Just do regular dry wash and store them in your closet.

Do I Need Any Other Accessories to Wear a Bow Tie?

Bow tie can be fashioned independently, but if you want to make your presence recognizable, then matching cufflinks and square pockets can be included.

What Does a Bow Tie Say About You?

First of all, a bow tie portrays how conscious you are about your appearance. Secondly, bow ties are typically worn by people who yield a unique personality and have an inclusive taste of fashion. Not only it represents your commitment towards your looks, but it also boosts your confidence.

Do Straight Guys Wear Bow Ties?

We lost count on how many times we have seen men wearing bow ties, and good lord, they looked extremely masculine and sophisticated. Anyone who deems bow ties as a remark of fragile masculinity or it’s inappropriate for straight men needs to hone up their masculinity first.

It’s just like another sartorial accessory that anyone can wear regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

End Quote

So that was our little input to help you find out the best bow ties. We hope that was helpful. Also, we suggest you not limit yourself to the outlined products only.

There are plenty of good bow ties available in physical and online stores with different attributes.

And as we already mentioned compiling the cost-effective bow ties only, you might prefer an expensive one with enhanced glamour and high-quality materials. Just make sure to have the appropriate men’s bow tie outfits for the event, and you will be good to go.

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