20 Cool Suspenders Ideas for Men

Suspenders to Wear

Nothing compares to a pair of suspenders with your classic black shirt and formal pants. Mostly, if you are a bit old school and want to retrieve the retro vibes, then adding a sophisticated touch with male suspenders is the right choice.

Now, if we look into the history of suspenders, it is originated in England in the times of the 1820s. The sole purpose of wearing suspenders was to fasten the high waisted pants up so that it doesn’t slip away from your belly.

But in recent times, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of reverting into the vintage culture. Be it formal suspenders or suspenders for tuxedo.

Hence, we have compiled 20 best men’s suspenders in today’s article so that you can pick the ideal one for your everyday fashion mantra.

Best Selling Suspenders for Men

20 Best Stylish Men’s Suspenders In 2022

Here we have lined up 20 contenders specifically for men.

Also, we would like to include the fact that each of them is crafted for individual purposes. We believe that it’s high time we should dismiss all the gender stereotypes and taboos that suggests ‘men shouldn’t invest time on their looks”. It’s not “girly” anymore!

So, buckle up!

1. Hold-Ups 1 1/2” Wide Classic Series Suspenders

At the top of the list, we have hold-Up’s classic series suspenders. You might already know that Hold-Up is one of the most prominent brands around the world. It has over 2000 stores all over, including supermarkets in the united states.

And surprisingly, they have more than 300 styles in their brace collection from where you can choose yours depending on your wardrobe. Now speaking of their popularity, you might assume that it’s insanely expensive.

But luckily, they are very affordable in price, and the quality is indeed top-notch. Here the non-slip clip is made from triple-plated chrome, which plays a vital role in fastening your clothes.

The tiny needle compressed into the clips helps to secure the grasp so that it doesn’t come off.

Also, it has a slanted clamp, which resists the clip from sticking out when you bend or take a seat. This is like one of the greatest advantages of having them as suspenders tends to come off most often.

Hold-up ensures that your suspender always stays firm in its place, and you never face any moment of embarrassment.

To conclude, it has a durable blend of poly-blend elastic fabric for the straps, which also happens to be hand-washable and supremely elastic. With the 1-1/2” wide and 48’ long dimension, it can be easily paired with formal and high-waisted pants.

2. Trafalgar Men’s Formal Braces and Suspenders

If you are looking for some leather suspender for your special occasion? Rejoice! Trafalgar claims sophistication and never fail to derail from their quality assurance.

However, they need to expand their collection and themes so that the braces can be paired up with all forms of outfits.

For now, they are just focusing on traditional fits rather than modern ones. Now about their specification Trafalgar men’s braces are made in the US and crafted with 100% nylon.

With the effective hook and loop closure, you can easily hold your formal pants up to the waist and keep them secure no matter how many times your body stretch.

Also, you are going to have the clinch made out of quality nickel that secures the grasp against your waist even more.

With its smooth black leather and rich woven finish, we rate it as our best work suspenders.

3. London Jae Apparel Brown Suspenders for Men

Have you ever seen Brooklyn 99, where sergeant terry always wears suspenders? If not, then surely you have watched plenty of series based on detectives and cops where suspenders are a great deal.

With that being said, LondonJae’s brown suspenders are one of the classiest pairs to recreate those iconic looks.

The premium caramel color blends gracefully with any light and solid colors. Besides, these braces are made of high-quality faux leather with wholly adjustable from 35’-67’ maximum to 6’8 length and 1” width.

Consequently, anyone with a taller or average height can consider adding it to their closet. Now about the grip of the straps, the finishing is absolutely immaculate with the tinge of brass clips.

Also, these clips are constructed with durable metal regulators following the popular y-back style. The straps are built to last. It not only graces the groomsmen tuxedo but also blends in with various suspenders outfit for men. Let alone cosplaying outfits.

4. Dockers Men’s Solid Suspender

Well, we name it as the cool men’s suspenders. The pristine and neat design of docker’s solid suspenders is bound to allure anyone. It has a unique black and silver color combination, which makes it stand out from the crowd.

Now speaking of the strap material, it is made of 100% polyester with a solid black color.

Also, if you don’t know, polyester has an impressive stretch capacity, which makes it more convenient for repetitive use. Here, the closure is easily adjustable.

You can loosen the metal clamp by sliding it up or down to reach any length you are comfortable with. However, these are 1 ½ inch wide so that you can enjoy being in your skin without feeling claustrophobic.

Besides, if you are worried about the grip, then let us tell you that it has silver clinches with premium style clasps, which prevents abrupt unfastening.

5. Tommy Hilfiger Suspender with Convertible Clip, Button End, and Strap

Typically Tommy Hilfiger tends to give us heartaches with its upfront price tags. But gladly, their suspenders are surprisingly budget-friendly. And yes, they are 100% authentic.

Basically, they use 75% polyester and 25% rubber to craft them, which is very much understandable as both have stretchy contents.

Now the best part of these suspenders is that they have convertible closures. These type of closures uses clips and buttons to secure the clutch.

However, if you are a bit chubby and worried about the fittings, don’t! It’s superbly adjustable and fits well with almost all sizes. Lastly, they can be hand washed; thus you don’t need to stress over getting them neat and clean. It’s just one mild wash away!

6. JJ SUSPENDERS Genuine Leather Suspenders For Men

These JJ suspenders are crafted with 100% leather, which is slightly expensive than other products here. But we think it’s only fair as far as you are getting original leather braces.

However, these are some classic suspenders with a dark tan vintage vibe. You can easily pair it with a casual and formal outfit.

Also, if you are longing for suspenders for jeans, then this one can be an ideal choice as it goes really well with skinny jeans.

About the design, these braces have adjustable straps with convertible clips and a “Y” back design. Gladly, JJ has the legacy to distribute quality clip and button suspenders for over 20 years.

Hence you can certainly rely on their quality. Here the height factor can be your concern which is between 5’8 and 6’3 inches with 3/4” wide straps. So, ensure checking up your approximate height before you make a purchase.

7. MENDENG Men’s Suspenders Braces Leather Strap

MENDENG distributes one of the best button suspenders at a competitive price. it has a whole spectrum of 23 colors that follows a very traditional design. This one has the “Y” back design with adjustable button fasteners.

Initially, these braces are made of high-quality material with a blend of leather. especially the buttons are 100% leather made and offer optimal grip to your trousers.

You can spruce up any formal wear and flaunt off your hip with these conventional suspenders. Furthermore, the fitting of the straps is pretty decent as neither too loose nor too tight. It just fits right without making you feel suffocated or uncomfortable.

These are approximately 1.3.8”/3.5cm long with 3.5 cm width. We believe that if someone is too skinny, then it might not be a good idea.

However, as long as you have a standard body structure, these braces can do the job seamlessly.

One more thing which we like to include is that these suspenders blend perfectly with uniforms, formal pants, and skinny jeans.

In conclusion, if you are still hovering into the thought of not having them in plus size, then don’t. They have unisex suspenders, which is ideal for all kinds of people. Be it an obese man or an elderly person.

8. Hide & Drink, Rustic Leather Y Suspenders

If you prefer handmade craft for your braces, then hide and drink can be the one for you. It’s entirely handmade and 8 adjustable holes in it. Thus, you can easily adjust the fittings according to your comfort.

Apart from that, it has a very sophisticated bourbon brown color profile that goes along with literally any light or solid color outfits. The detail work in the middle of these suspenders gives it a premium vibe. Although the design in the middle also happens to be the brand logo.

As we all know, fashion is cyclic, it can’t be denied that the vintage lifestyle has been resurrected. In terms of having the 90s touch in your outfit Hide & Drink leather suspenders play a significant role.

It’s compatible with all vintage couture. Besides any person between 5 ft, 3 in. to 5 ft 9 in height can pair it up. To conclude, if you want comfortable suspenders that fits well with your vintage aura and distributes the perfect grasp for the high-waisted pants, then this one can do the job.

9. SuspenderStore Men’s Logger Suspenders – BUTTON

Well, these are some of the finest men’s heavy-duty suspenders due to their long superior durability. These suspenders come in a variety of colors such as navy blue, red, tan, black, and hunter with riveted leather button closure.

Moreover, unlike other suspenders in this list, it has the unique “X” back design assorted with a leather crosspatch.

In fact, the entire build is 2-inch low-stretch elastic, which might not be a suitable option for you as most people look for high stretch braces.

But we think the elasticity is standard, and it has 4 available sizes; in case it doesn’t fit, you can try any size from 5’-5’8 to 6’9” inches.

Luckily, they directly ship from the USA; hence quality and authenticity are guaranteed.

Lastly, if you are looking for something that holds up your working pants, Men’s Logger is the right choice because it can tremendously withstand persistent use and intense working sessions.

10. Fasker Mens Suspenders X-Back 2” Wide Adjustable Solid Straight Clip Suspenders

The reason why we have compiled these suspenders just after Men’s Logger is that both of them are immensely durable.

However, Fasker happens to have a rich fanbase for its sleek solid black profile and adjustability as well. But mainly, the heavy-duty build makes it reign over the premium expensive suspenders.

Speaking of their various attributes, these braces have that “X” back design and nickel-free anti-slip clip with an overall construction of elastic and polyester.

These compounds are no doubt one of the best materials for men’s suspenders. Moreover, the stretch end has a thick elastic ribbon to ensure utmost security for high waisted pants.

Nevertheless, high-quality clasps maximize security in order to hold your pants in the right place. These in fact prevent accidental unbuckling. Hence you can pair them effortlessly with any formal, casual, or vintage outfits.

11. Dickies Men’s 1 1/2 inch Solid Straight Clip Adjustable X Back Suspender

Many people consider these braces as one of the best suspenders for men. We believe that they have a very valid reason as they have been around here for like 100 years, which feels like an eternity, not gonna lie. Dickies have been coming up with numerous denim collections, including shirts and suspenders.

So, basically, they use 57% cotton, 27% polyester, and 16% elastic for their over strap build. Here each pair firs up to 42 sizes but can also personalize it from 31 to 48.5 inches.

Besides, they have clip closures with high-quality clasps so that there’s np unintentional unbuckling coming in your way.

Now about the fitting, these pants suspenders are 1 1/4” wide, and they also offer an embossed leather patch. About the height adjustment, you don’t have to stress over it as they render suspenders for tall sizes as well.

Furthermore, they have this “X” back design and metal clips adhered to the straps for a classier appearance. These imported suspenders are definitely going to refine your everyday wardrobe.

12. Decalen Mens Suspenders Very Strong Clips Heavy Duty Braces

Decalen generally delivers men’s suspenders for jeans, work pants, sports pants, ski pants, and motorcycle.

Thus, their appearance is light years apart from the regular ones. Also, they have huge color options, which include a bright to dark color range.

These braces are made of 74% polyester and 26% elastodiene incorporating heavy-duty metal clips and braces.

It ensures that you never go off guard. The suspenders buckle around your waist seamlessly, and the metal clips prevent any kind of unsolicited unbuckling. Here the most important factor is the adjustment perimeters.

Well, they offer a length of 125cm and a width of 4cm, which is apt for men who have a wide torso. Also, men who have a body size between 1.96m or 6.4 feet can easily wear them without any intricacy.

One more thing that most of us worry about is catching molds or rust around the metal parts. But as they pledge to use strong metal clips, we think there’s no contingency of this event.

13. Suspenders for Men, with Heavy Duty Clip Wide X-Back for Work

Well, these braces are known for their accuracy in terms of height adjustment and fittings. They have the perfect size for all, be it a skinny person or an alpha man with tall height and wide chest.

Also, it consists of 4 clips to ensure providing optimal yet balanced rigidity.

These suspenders embrace your body with a secure grip around the chest and waist area without being too tight on the belly.

Although if you feel uncomfortable and want to loosen or tighten the grasp, then you can alter the adjustment between 34” to 48” inches. Typically they are 2” wide, unlike others as grade code believes that bulky braces are better than thinner ones.

On top of that, these suspenders feel exceedingly soft against your skin. Thanks to its premium choice of hand-woven leather.

You can add them to your everyday wardrobe including work, casual, shorts, jeans, trousers, dresses, etc. Plus, we hope that giving them as a token of love or gift won’t be a bad idea as they are one of the most reasonable high-quality suspenders.

14. Navisima Adjustable Elastic Y Back Style Suspenders for Men and Women

Alright, enough of classic suspenders here; we have these fancy suspenders for your bachelorette party.

These suspenders offer an array of solid colors and printed ones. Here the printed and patterned ones are for those looking for fancy suspenders for their special occasion.

Besides, anyone between 24 to 42 inches can pair them up with their tuxedo, formal shirts, shorts, jeans, wedding, fresher parties, orchestra, band, etc.

These braces are made of 100% elastic polyester for optimal stretch and durability. Speaking of the elasticity it can be stretched up to 90 inches in length. On the flip hand, they have a 1-inch broad width so that you feel alleviated and comfortable.

The heavy-duty metal clips ensure utmost security for holding your pants up without any unintentional unfastening. Even you don’t have to adjust the fitting back and forth as it fits perfectly. Neither too loose nor too tight.

In addition, these suspenders are unisex; hence both and men can pair them up with their personalized fits.

15. JIERKU Mens Suspenders with Swivel Hooks

Jierku might be the best suspenders for men’s pants for those who are looking for snap closure. These are the easiest and low-maintenance closures to work with. The swivel hooks can be easily attached to the pant’s loop while having a stylish “Y” back design.

These braces are made of polyester stretch yarn, PU leather, and zinc alloy. Here the webbing width is 3.5cm, and the length is up to 125cm maximum.

Also, they are all adjustable, and as they are elastic, you can easily stretch them up for the fitting.

However, swivel hooks are inclined to rust overdue to continuous use. But we believe that these are made of quality material, and it will have your back for a long time.

Besides, it’s a classy alternative to the clip-on closures. Instead of the conventional clip style, you can pair these up with your everyday casual wear.

16. HIKERS – Suspenders – Black

Honestly, there’s nothing much to say about these suspenders. They are pretty straightforward and made with a sole purpose.

For instance, when you want to wear suspenders but also don’t want them to expose, this is where hikers black suspender comes into play. These come in 7 different sizes from 2X to X-large.

Hence if you are obese or a bit overweight, there’s no need to worry. Here you can pair them up under your untucked shirt or t-shirt without whipping them off.

Just fasten the clips with your denim or pant’s button and do the same with the rear side pant loop. These braces have a “Y” back design with and unique clip closure. You can easily get interchangeable hooks in available metal and colors.

17. MENDENG Suspenders for Men Vintage Bronze Snap Hooks

These are the triumph of vintage suspenders. Their vintage bronze hooks and retro patterned straps are perfect for anyone who worships vintage aesthetics. These braces are supremely elastic and adjustable with 30” to 49” length and 1.5 inches width. These sizes fit appropriately for the majority of people.

Now about the clamps, it has 4 retro bronze snaps that are built with high-quality material. On top of that, the color doesn’t fade away even after prolonged use. besides, the hooks impressively grasp your high-waisted pants without sticking out or falling apart.

MENDENG offers 34 colors, including plain and patterned colors. Thus you can either pair them up with your work outfit or themed parties.

18. Leather Suspenders For Men Y Back Design

Exception good presents leather suspenders with hand-painted edges. They ensure picking up the best cowhide leather, which feels plush and soft against your skin. These braces don’t only buckle your pants around your waist but also ensures that it stays stable for a long period.

Thanks to the high-quality clips, which are made of reinforced metal with teeth. These remarkably secure the grip without conveying any sense of discomfort.

The fact that these suspenders are hand-stitched with professional artisans makes it diverse than the rest.

However, some people complained about the sizes that they are too baggy for standard body sizes. But exception good resolved this problem and elaborated the size charts perfectly. You just need to be careful while choosing the sizes as on for size L you gotta be between 5’6”-6’4” tall.

And for M or XL size, check the color options. However, it has an adjustable length from 110cm to 130 cm for both men and women. Brace your outfit with this leather suspender and impress your family and friends.

19. HOLD’EM 100% Silk Suspenders for Men

As the name suggests, these suspenders work wonders in holding your pants in the right place. These are 100% silk made with Y back design and button closure.

If you are looking for floral braces, then you can check out their color choosing option. They have everything you need, be it a classic suspender or a floral printed one.

To meet everyone’s distinct needs, these HOLD’EM plays a significant role.

It is strategically made with utmost focus and care so that it doesn’t come off when you sit down. Also, even after persistent use, they don’t tear apart or unravel. Hence these men’s braces can mate with office wears as well as formal outfits.

You can easily adjust them depending on your comfort and convenience. Because they have two adjustment alternatives, you can either choose 32.5 to 46 inches as a regular length or 18.5 to 54 inches for the taller length.

Now about the buttoned end closures, they can easily adhere to your pants without any contingency of unintentional unbuttoning. Lastly, these can be a little bit expensive for you but instead of wasting your money on cheap things, make a lucrative investment for high-quality braces.

20. Spencer J’s Men’s X Back Suspenders & Bowtie Set Variety of Colors

Have you ever imagined that anyone would come up with satin suspenders? Well, spencer did! They offer this men’s suspender set with a complimentary bow tie. And the exciting part is these are made of 100% polyester satin.

The reason why we all admire satin cloth is its sheen and luxurious touch. Also, this material is machine washable so that you can regain the newness after every time.

Here the strap fitting starts from 13.5” to 22.5” inches, whereas the bow tie measures 2. 1/4” high and 4 1/2” wide.

Also, there’s 44 inches distance between the clip placed in the middle and the other attached to your pants.

Although it has the elasticity to stretch about 60 inches, and the burgundy satin bow ties are adjustable as well, with hooks underneath so that there’s no need of tying them up repeatedly. This can be the perfect gift for your special one!

Types of Suspenders

Perhaps you never assumed that suspenders have different types, and each of them is supposed to be pair up with a different outfit.

And, sometimes you can pair up one particular type with different fashion wears. Now speaking of various types, they are also comprised of different specifications which you want to consider before making a purchase.

So basically there are 4 types of suspenders. Let’s have a glance at them with brief detail.


These are the one which is made for multi-purpose use. You can pair them up with any outfit. Be it a pair of pants or trousers. However, they are relatively casual than other types yet versatile and sophisticated.

As the name implies these are clips that can be easily attached to the belt or waistband and can be drawn till you attach them to the front. Consequently, they are extremely user-friendly and easy to pull off.


These have a very subtle difference from the clip-on. They are a little bit formal and require six buttons stitched into your waistband for the clutch, where clip-on use clips or snaps to buckle these use buttons to hold your paints to the waist. Just like the clip-on it also needs to be buttoned from the backside than the front.

Well, some people think that buttons are time-consuming or a bit high maintenance closures, whereas some prefer button-ons for their extraordinary grip.

X-Back Shapes

Here the name manifests itself that these are shaped following the “X” letter on the backside of your suspender. They usually offer more support than others when paired with working fits.

Y-Back Shapes

They might not provide the support as similar to X-back shapes, but they are way classier. However, to obtain the flawless Y shape, you have to attach the strap’s center at the back of your pants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions!

  1. Do you wear suspenders with a vest?

Yes. However, you should always wear them on top of your vest instead of underneath.

  1. Are clip-on suspenders tacky?

As far as you aren’t invested in the function and want to experiment with different looks, the clip-ons aren’t tacky at all. it depends on how you utilize it.

if you are gonna pair it up with something inappropriate, then definitely you will embarrass yourself. But if you wear it how it’s supposed to be then, it’s going to look serious just like other suspender types.

  1. How to wear clip-on suspenders?

To wear clip-on suspenders first, you have to assemble the first two straps. Once you are done, start from the back and slowly draw the clip down to your waist while keeping the loop part over the silicon knob. Now pull the clip upwards so that it creates the hitch and buckle your cloth.

  1. What to wear with suspenders?

Depending on the suspender type, you should select the outfit. However, you can pair them up with formal, casual, festival, proms, bachelorette, bands, orchestra, office, uniform, and hiking outfits.

  1. How tight should suspenders be?

It should be tight enough to stay in place and not too tight to make you feel suffocated.

End Quote

While we acknowledge the fact that men in suspenders are 10x more attractive, we also know that it can be a buzzkill to your outfits.

Because sometimes you wear them up without understanding the conduct or the appropriate way. Hence before you pair, these best men’s suspenders with your casual or formal outfit make sure you check out the types and specifications.

Also, be more cautious about the color combinations. If you are going to wear a white shirt, then pair it up with darker suspenders.

Last and most importantly, don’t settle for something uncomfortable. Make sure you enjoy wearing them on your skin.

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