6 Best Dress Shirt Collar Extenders for Men

Make that unwearable shirt wearable again! Any formal shirt needs a collar extender. It’s not even up for debate. However, using any random neck extenders is a bad way to address the situation.

It can break halfway through an important meeting of yours, and you’ll be left to fix yourself! The elastic can pinch your skin if the design is poor. We all have gone through this. So, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to buying the best collar extenders.

There are a few brands that offer men’s clothing, but they generally either have limited selection or have cheesy shirt designs. But, with the help of a good button extender, you can transform that plain shirt into a dazzling piece of clothing. The best collar extenders will give you the breathing room you’re looking for, with certainty.

Our Top 3 Picks:

1. Johnson & Smith Collar ExtendersBest Pick
2. Comfy Deluxe Collar ExtendersWhite Buttons
3. YUANHANG Expander ButtonSilicone Button

Dress Better with These 6 Best Collar Extenders

In this article, I’ve put together a few of my favorite collar extenders; some of them I’ve used and some of them I’ve seen my acquaintances praise highly. I bet you’ll find yours on this list.

1. Johnson & Smith Collar Extenders

Johnson Smith Collar Extenders

You want convenience, you go to Johnson & Smith. There’s hardly any doubt about the brand’s quality. Take it from the experienced, if the extender matches your size and the diameter you want, you’re not going back.

This particular collar extender will extend your collar’s size to half. You’ll love the flexible spring. It’s made from zinc alloy, which is both durable and environment-friendly. I found it to be flexible enough in all situations.

Even if you’re jumping and running, the spring will follow along and give your neck the room it needs.

They’ve included an extra extender. So you’re getting 6 pieces in place of 5.

The button comes with only 10mm diameter, which is small enough to not be noticeable and large enough to hold down your collar.

Sounds comfortable enough! Is it the best collar extender? It might as well be.


  • Small diameter
  • Fast installation
  • Half neck size extension
  • Zink alloy
  • One extra piece


  • Only one size

2. Comfy Clothiers Elastic Neck Extenders

Comfy Clothiers Neck Extenders

If you’ve been around collar extenders, you must have come across these from Comfy Clothiers. These are on the cheaper side compared to the first one. Nonetheless, there has been no finger-pointing at its quality.

The material for these collar extenders is plastic. And for the elastic part, it’s a soft elastic made with rubber. So, there’s a drastic difference in terms of durability and elasticity.

It’s understandably more flexible than those made with metal alloys. However, these are also less durable and last fewer days. But don’t let that get you down! The price and the quality match each other quite well.

This pack contains 3 pieces only, which is a bummer as there are other packages with more pieces.

It’s one of the best neck extenders for dress shirts.


  • Quite flexible elastic
  • Matches with all color
  • Doesn’t pinch the skin
  • Durable enough for formal routine


  • Only 3 pieces
  • Less durable than metal alloy extenders

3. AXEN 8 Pieces Collar Extenders

AXEN 8 Pieces Collar Extenders

This is one of my favorite men’s shirt collar extenders. AXEN’s 8-piece collar extender set brings more versatility to your options rather than a single boring design.

If you want to add a bit more aesthetic to your collar, AXEN’s black and white extender pieces will do the job nicely.

These extenders are made of high-quality metal that has a matte finish. So, it won’t look out of place no matter what color shirt you’re wearing. Both the button and the flexible spring are made of metal. Always remember to take it out before washing the shirt.

Therefore, I don’t doubt the durability of these extenders. That being said, the plastic elastic rubber alternative gives more flexibility. You’ll feel it when you wear it.

I loved that they provided two sets of extenders in black and white. Your white formal shirt will find a long-lasting companion.


  • 8 pieces of extenders
  • Durable
  • Two sets with two colors
  • Versatile
  • Doubles as a waist extender


  • Less flexible than elastic collar extenders

4. YUANHANG Dress Shirt Neck Extender

YUANHANG Metal Collar Extenders

Why would you buy separate extenders for the collar and your pants when you can get them in a package? You’ll save money and also be paying shipping charges for one instead of two. But that’s not what attracted me to YUANHANG’s extenders.

The metal collar extenders and the silicone waist extenders are both appropriate for a formal setting. You have a metal spring for your collar and a silicone slider base for the waist. I haven’t seen any of them break in normal situations.

You’re getting 6 collar extenders. These include 2 white ones, 2 silver ones and 2 black ones.

They have a shine to them, which can divide the camp into two. Those who like the shine, know it’s a long-lasting shine. I personally don’t have problems with either.

For the waist, you’re getting 6 pieces that include 3 dark golden pieces and 3 silver pieces.


  • Includes both collar and waist extenders
  • Not expensive
  • Saves money
  • Different colors
  • High durability


  • The shine on the collar buttons may not fit in a formal setting

5. SOXDirect Comfy Metal Collar Extenders

SOXDirect Comfy Metal Neck Shirt Extenders

If you’re looking for a more versatile set of collar extenders, you might want to look at this set from SOXDirect. This brand isn’t as famous as the previous options I’ve mentioned. So, in case you want to save some bucks, this is something to consider.

You’re getting a whopping 12 pieces of metal collar extenders in this package. This number is a sweetness to the ears since losing a collar extender can become a habit for some. Couple with that its affordable price.

Furthermore, it’s not only about numbers but also versatility. This package includes extenders with 3 different designs and colors. There are 4 black pieces, 4 white pieces, and 4 silver pieces with a drop in the middle.
The designs will fit in nicely in all formal conditions.


  • 12 collar extenders
  • Metal extenders
  • 3 different designs and colors
  • Long-lasting
  • 10mm diameter


  • Not as flexible as elastic ones
  • Can create problems in the washing machine

6. EXK Collar Extenders

EXK Collar Extenders

This one is almost identical to the previous set from SOXDirect. Now, I don’t know who copied from whom but it seems the copycat certainly managed to reproduce the quality since it’s hard to differentiate between the two even after using.

The set from EXK is certainly a contender for the spot of top collar extender.

It’s also a metal extender but with a subtle difference in design. I thought it’d have a shine to it, but after seeing it I was proven wrong. With an almost matte look, it matched perfectly with my formal dresses. Try the black ones with a completely black outfit. You’ll know!

The metal is a zinc alloy. And I feel it passed with flying colors in terms of durability.


  • 12 pieces of extenders
  • Zinc alloy for durability
  • Gives enough room to breathe
  • Fits with formal suiting
  • Looks exactly like a button


  • Doesn’t last as long as the more premium ones

How to Choose a Good Collar Button Extender

Do you want to open your collar each time you want to sit? I don’t want that. It is such a hassle. A good collar extender will expand and contract with you. And there’s no single collar extender for everyone.

Therefore, buying the perfect collar extender takes a bit of experiment and thinking on your part.

Here are a few guidelines for your purchase.

• Elastic

The elastic part of the extender is its most prized part. If this is the weak point, you’re looking at a broken extender not too long after your purchase. So, make sure that it’s durable.

No-sew elastic bands have the preference for me.

Now that the durability is mentioned, you should know that this can vary depending on the material. That’s our next point of discussion.

• Material

There are two materials found in shirt collar extenders. One is metal and the other is plastic. Metal collar buttons often have zinc alloy as the metal content.

And consequently, metal extenders rate higher when it comes to durability. They don’t break and they don’t rip apart. But you’re right when you say that they get loose. Even then, it can also be fixed back to its original condition.

On the other hand, plastic extenders have low durability compared to the metal ones. The elastic band can also rip faster.

However, metal extenders can cause problems in the washing machines and ruin your clothes in case you forget to take them out. Plastic extenders do not have the same concern.


Metal extenders will weigh more than plastic extenders. But none of those weigh enough to give much attention. You can look at their weight to determine if it’s.

• Style

Many extender sets include pieces of the same design and other sets have a lot of versatility to them. It’s completely up to you to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions –

1. How to Put on a Collar Extender?

How use a Collar Extender

You wrap the spring or elastic band from the extender around the button on the right and insert the button portion in the buttonhole. This button works as a button extender.

2. How Does a Collar Extender Work?

Collar extenders work discreetly to extend your collar’s width without doing any kind of customization done on it. When you can take out the collar extender, your shirt will be as it was before.

These extenders increase the width of your collar by acting as a portable button extender so that your collar doesn’t constrict your neck.

3. Can I Use My Collar Extender Elsewhere?

Yes, you most certainly can. As it happens, your collar extenders can be used as a wrist extender or even a waist extender.

Final Words

Having the room to breathe when you’re giving a presentation is something I appreciate. The best collar extenders will not only give you the room to breathe while being dressed formally, but they will also last long for the price you’re paying.

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