Best Parker Style Refill | Tested and Reviewed

When it comes to picking parker-style refills, I couldn’t bring the entire catalog for you. It would be extremely challenging for you even if I got a comprehensive list and asked you to pick only one!

That’s why I’ve spent a pretty long time finding the best parker style refill, and at the same time, taking the customer reviews.

The purpose of my deep research was only to give you an excellent pack of refills that has all the good qualities you need, including consistent ink flow, high volume, and the ability of smooth and vivid writing!

And trust me, most of my selected products are as cheap as chips!

So, let me show you my top 5 picks on Parker-style refill, including their pros, cons, and short verdict.

5 Best Parker Style Refills

These are some of my top parker style refills suitable for your favorite Parker pen. Let’s see which one makes a perfect match with your one!

1. Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 – Black Ink

Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 - Black Ink


  • Ink Color: Black
  • Type of Point: Medium
  • Quantity: 6 Pack
  • Dimensions: 1.4 x 0.23 x 4 inches

If I had to choose only a single parker style refill for my parker pen that is both precise, affordable, and reliable, I’d easily pick up this one from SCHMIDT, a well-known parker style pen refills that work best.

Medium point type, standard ink color (black), and most importantly, this one is compatible with twist pens with no specific caps.

Even if you paused your writing for long, it’s able to start immediately, and that too within seconds. The credit goes to its efficient ink flow.

Not only is it quick, but I’ve also found it to be way stronger, cleaner, and more precise compared to regular refills. So, it might very well be the best parker style ballpoint refill that you’re looking for!


  • Affordable
  • Offers 6-pack
  • Precise and clean
  • Instant ink flow
  • Friendly with twist pens
  • Medium point with black color


  • It leaks a little at times!


If you’re searching for the best ballpoint pen refills with clear, precise, and instant ink flow, SCHMIDT might be your go-to refill!

2. SCHMIDT SCH90011Best Parker style G2 refill



  • Ink Color: Black
  • Type of Point: Medium
  • Quantity: 6 Pack
  • Dimensions: ‎0.25 x 0.25 x 4.5 inches

As the name suggests, this one from SCHMIDT offers you a total of 6 refills so that you can use them for a long time for your Parker pen.

The thing that makes me amazed is that this premium-quality refill is compatible with many different ballpoint pens.

It is especially suitable for the standard Parker Jotter, making it one of the bests, if not the best parker-style g2 refill.

For extra convenience, the maker of this model gives you an additional resealable bag along with the refills, preventing them from drying.

The color you’ll find will be standard black, which will seem more precise and clear. The type of point is medium, ensuring smooth and fresh writing!


  • Friendly with lots of ballpoint pens
  • Six black refills available
  • Smooth and clear writing
  • Offers a resealable bag
  • Medium point


  • It takes a long time to start if it gets dry!


SCHMIDT SCH90011-6PACK suits a variety of different ballpoint pens and offers a resealable bag additionally.

3. Parker O124803

Parker O124803


  • Ink Color: Black
  • Type of Point: Medium
  • Quantity: 6 Pack
  • Dimensions: ‎6.61 x 2.8 x 0.87 inches

It’s time to show you something from one of my favorite brands, guess what? Yep, I’m talking about the Parker! From this model, you’re getting a total of six refills to meet your needs.

With a medium point, the black ink it gives you appears way smoother, and interestingly, it takes a pretty long time to get dry.

So even if you pause your essay or article writing for a couple of minutes, there is less possibility of ending up with dry pens!

Talking about compatibility, it suits numerous ballpoint pens, and it’s definitely a perfect parker ballpoint compatible refill!


  • Lasts longer
  • It won’t dry too soon
  • Six-packs for Parker ballpoint pens
  • Inexpensive


  • Thinner ink flow!


Unlike the typical ones, Parker O124803 won’t dry so early, even if you take a short break in the middle of your writing!

4. Gel Pen Refill from Ohto

Gel Pen Refill from Ohto


  • Ink Color: Black
  • Material Type: Gel
  • Line Size: 0.5mm
  • Quantity: 5 Pack
  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 0.24 x 0.24 inches

Are you looking for the best parker style gel refill? Please take a look at my 4th pick from Ohto, designed for both precise writing and drawing.

Thanks to its smear-resistant ink, it won’t make a mess when you draw anything since it dries in no time. Its needle-point tip offers you an amazing view of drawing and writing surfaces.

More importantly, the ultra-thin 0.5mm line assists in making your arts more prominent and more accurate. The price is reasonable, and I liked it.


  • Smear-resistant ink
  • 5-pack gel refills for Parker pens
  • It doesn’t make any mess
  • 0.5mm line for precise arts


  • Unable to write smoothly every single time!


The Gel Pen Refill from Ohto doesn’t make any mess when you draw a picture or anything else, thanks to its 0.5mm thinner line, along with the quick-drying ability!

5. Cottage Mills 90089

Cottage Mills 90089


  • Ink Color: Black
  • Type of Point: Medium
  • Type of Material: Metal
  • Dimensions: ‎3.94 x 0.25 x 0.25 inches

Including Acme, Aldo Domani, Bexley, and Krone, the Cottage Mills 90089 is compatible with over 90% of the world’s different ballpoint pen brands!

The peter-style refill features high-quality German ink that offers consistent ink flow and smooth writing.

It’s giving you a total of 6 pieces, and each has got a medium ballpoint tip, measuring 1.0mm.

When it comes to the quality of ink, that seems pretty good compared to the traditional refills. A few customers even claimed that it works better than the original ink of Peter Pen! Interesting, eh?

What’s more? You’re getting a reusable zippered pouch, keeping your refills always safe in a particular place, especially when you aren’t using them for writing.


  • It suits over 90% of ballpoint pen’s brands
  • Reasonable price
  • Consistent ink flow
  • Reusable zipped bag included
  • Six pieces, each has 1mm tip


  • Leaks often
  • Ink might run out too soon!


Cottage Mills 90089 can be suited for more than 90% of the world’s different ballpoint pens, making it a unique and efficient choice for every writer.

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Notes Before Buying A Parker Style Refill

Notes Before Buying A Parker Style Refill
Blue vs. Black

Indeed, many people fail to consider the core factors before making an ultimate purchase! So, if you want to get your hands on the best parker style refill, make sure to note down the following things given below:


When we talk about getting the best parker style refill, the standard one should be about 9.8 centimeters long. This is the ideal and most well-known shape for a parker pen.

Besides that, you have to make sure the refill has included a sufficient amount of ink to be fitted into the g2 refill pen or others.


These days, it’s possible to get a pack of refills that has numerous pieces. Most of these are well-equipped with a reasonable price range, for which you can use those refills month after month in your Parker pen without spending a pretty penny!

I personally prefer having a model that has at least five pieces of refills in total.

Smooth Ink Flow

Whether you want to write your articles or even draw something, smoothness is a must to get the job done perfectly.

So, the refill you’re getting should have consistent ink flow, and yes, 0.5 to 1mm line is considered ideal for precise writing and drawing.

Final Verdict!

I don’t think choosing the best parker style refill is a tough job anymore!

However, if you’re still in the ocean of confusion and unable to make a better purchase, make sure to rely on the SCHMIDT FBA_SCeasyFLOW9000Black-6 without thinking twice! Thanks to its instant ink flow, optimal ink volume, and affordable price range.

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