15 Best Planners for Men: Daily, Weekly & Monthly Organizers

In the book ‘Eat That Frog!’, Brain Tracy stated that if you invest 10-12 minutes planning a day, you will end up saving a minimum of 2 hours wasted time by sticking to the plan. To check if that really is true, you need to get productivity planners.

Whether you are a man looking to get your life together or a woman looking for a great gift your man, we have compiled everything you need to know about the best planners for men in this article.

While we do not believe that planners really have a gender to them, there is no denying that certain designs look more workplace appropriate and professional.

Let’s get to it!

Our Top Picks:

  1. Legend PlannerBest Overall
  2. Papercode Daily Planner 2021-2022Best Value
  3. Clever Fox Planner PROUndated
  4. AT-A-GLANCE Appointment Book & PlannerLeather Cover

Planner Tips for Men: Plan Like a Boss

Little More Daily Organizer Planner in Protect Box

You might already have a few planners for guys lying around but not getting the best use out of them. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind –

  • Use the Monthly Overview Section

Almost all planners have a gridded monthly view section in them. In this section, you can take short notes of events whose dates don’t change, such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, recurring meetings, etc.

  • Use the Weekly Tasks Section

In this part, your mundane adult errands will go. Plan things that you need to get done, such as paying bills, mowing the lawn, tasks you need to finish at work, etc. That way, you can see what your upcoming week be like.

  • Be Specific When Writing Tasks

This means, in your daily page, instead of writing ‘make calls’, write more specific things such as ‘call mom & schedule dinner’ or ‘call Katie & congratulate’ etc.

When you know the specific task you should be doing, you are more likely to get it done. Another tip would be to include light-brained tasks on, particularly busy days. If your mind is busy with other tasks, doing the light work seems easy & quick.

How Do You Organize Your Life with a Planner?

Consider Before Buying a Tie Clip

Getting the best planners for men is not enough if you don’t know how to use one in the first place. Here are a few tips to get your life organized-

  • Refer to Your Planner Everyday

I know it is tough keeping this habit up and using a planner daily, but you need to do it in order for it to become an integral part of your life. Keep it on person everywhere you go and jolt down when new things come up.

It should contain all of your personal and professional to-do lists. Using separate planners for the two may get tiresome.

  • Take Time to Plan Your Day, Week, and Month

You have to spend some time planning your near future and figuring out when to do what based on your schedule. The planner will relay relevant info about your schedule and help you plan.

Remember to be truthful and honest when writing down things on a planner; otherwise, it can’t help you.

  • Create Your Own Sections if Needed

Not all planners will contain monthly, weekly, and daily overviews. You might want a weekly focus sheet to break down your monthly tasks. If your planner doesn’t have it, use stationary to make it yourself.

Advantage of Having a Daily Planner

Why should you get diary planners for men? Here are a few benefits you’ll enjoy-

  • Maintains Schedules Like A Pro

With a daily planner, you will be on top of your time management and scheduling game! For the best results, prioritize your tasks and plan accordingly before starting them. Schedule exact times for each task in your daily planner to prepare well for tasks.

  • Boosts Productivity

The level of productivity you have directly affects both your personal and professional lives. High productivity ensures that you get everything done in time, be it making a report for a meeting or going grocery shopping.

  • Health Benefits

You can use your daily planner to track things related to health, such as exercise, diet, sleep, water intake, etc. Our advice would be to schedule a little outdoors time sometime, which could be a walk in the park, to get some fresh air and vitamin D.

  • Exercise Your Hobbies

Scheduling and following everything you need to do in a day will leave you with enough time to relax and engage in creative endeavors. You can even express your creativity by adding decorative stationery to your planner, such as art, stickers, pictures, etc.

15 Best Planners for Men

Now, it’s time for you to have a look at our 15 top picks of mens planner. We have reviewed them to let you know the good and the bad of each.

1. Legend Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner

Legend Planner - Deluxe Weekly & Monthly Life Planner

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Legend Planner is quite a popular brand in the market for planners. They offer many kinds of planners such as weekly, daily, budget, academic, etc. You can find both dated and undated varieties as well.

This deluxe planner comes in 12 different colors. While the black is charming and classic, you can opt for something different in other vibrant colors, too.

The manufacturer designed this planner with leading scientific studies. So, if you use it properly, you are guaranteed to have increased productivity. This is an undated planner, so you can choose to start using it any time you want. This lifts off some pressure and provides customizability.

One thing I found quite intriguing about this planner is the weekly and monthly reflection sections. Using them, you can evaluate how far along with your goal you are and how well you are doing.

You will also get 3 colorful bookmarks with the planner.

2. Papercode Simple Elephant Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Planner

Papercode Simple Elephant Daily Planner

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If simplicity is an aesthetic that you enjoy, then Papercode is your brand! Their Simple Elephant line of planners are all about simple, straightforward, and efficient design.

This daily planner also works as a notebook journal and an organizer. So, you can use it for all of your journaling, planning, and scheduling needs!

The Simple Elephant also contains mind maps and vision boards to encourage the user to try out a monthly or 90-day gratitude plan. This will help the user visualize the year that lies in front of them and manifests their visions.

And, the combination of robust no-bleed papers, stylish yet simple design, and a soft leatherette cover makes this one of the best planners for men, hands down.

You can choose from 3 fun colors, and it comes with a pen loop, inner pocket, and ribbon bookmarks.

3. AT-A-GLANCE 2022 Weekly Appointment Book & Planner

Weekly Appointment Book & Planner by AT-A-GLANCE

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Operating from 1934, AT-A-GLANCE is one of the leading manufacturers of calendars & planners in the US and Canada. The brand is known for making professional planners, notebooks, padfolios, and other office & home essentials.

This planner is clad in nice faux leather, which will stand up nicely against daily use and occasional spills. In my opinion, high-quality faux leather is more practical than men’s leather planner because leather comes with extra maintenance.

Nothing is worse than getting a nice planner, writing on it with your favorite fountain or gel pen in pretty fonts, and then discovering nasty ink bleeding all over it.

Luckily, these are good paper planners, which will provide superior ink-bleed resistance. With such high-quality papers, keep your worry of getting ink bleeding at bay.

This planner also has twin-wire binding, which I find very convenient for secure use.

4. Anecdote Daily, Weekly & Monthly Planner

Anecdote Daily Planner

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Anecdote is a Los Angeles based brand that makes simplistic workflow planners and journals with efficiency and practicality in mind. If the Simple Elephant I reviewed before was up to your alley, you would love this product too!

This product can be used as both women’s or men’s agenda. It comes in 8 gorgeous earth and jewel-toned shades. They are all so pretty that I cannot pick a personal favorite.

Much like the first brand, Anecdote hasn’t thrown together a few sections and made a planner. The designing process included a lot of research about the workflow system of successful people.

So, you will get something that will actually help you be more productive. It will provide you with options to note your daily, weekly, and monthly targets and evaluate.

All in all, this is a great blend of design, practicality, and quality.

5. Kodexlode 2022 Weekly & Monthly Planner

Kodexlode Planner with Monthly Tabs

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Kodexlode adds an artistic flair to their functional designed items so that writing & timekeeping becomes more fun and pleasant for the users. So, expect both fun and functionality from this planner.

Men tend to gravitate more towards earth tones when choosing anything for themselves. Just look at their suits, and you’d understand what I’m talking about. The good news is this planner, too, comes in 5 beautiful earth-toned colors.

There is a date range of 12 months in this planner, so you can use it for academic year planning. As usual, it also has weekly & monthly spreads for you to keep track of events.

You will be getting 136 white papers inside. They are of high-quality, so no ink will be spreading on you.

Also, there are a few special pages in this planner, which include a holiday listing, 1 note page, 2 contacts pages, and a 2-year reference calendar. As one of the best planners for men, it can also be folded 360 degrees.

6. Artfan 2022 Weekly & Monthly Planner

Artfan Saffiano Leather Weekly Monthly Planner

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Unlike a few of the brands before that makes only a few lines of products, Artfan offers a wide range of different planners, journals, and notebooks for you to choose from. This specific product is a cute little pocket planner.

Inside, you will get 88 thick papers with weekly and monthly outlines. Holidays are also marked in them for convenience. You can use this to keep track of significant events throughout your week or month.

Also, this planner comes with 16 monthly stickers from 2022 and 2023. So, unlike the other planners in this list, this one can be used for over a year.

The papers in this planner are not bright white. They are more of a cream shade. Whether that is good or bad is a preference thing, as you may or may not enjoy cream or ivory papers. Personally, I don’t mind cream color. It’s easy on the eyes.

7. Lemome Weekly & Monthly Planner with Calendar Stickers

Lemome Planner A5 Premium Thicker Paper with Pen Holder

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Lemome is a well-loved brand among avid journal and planner users. If you are looking for the best paper quality and design, this is where your search stops. This product is, undoubtedly, one of the best planners for men.

In this A5 sized planner, you will get calendar stickers from January to December of 2022, a pen holder, an inner pocket, 88 notes pages, and weekly & monthly overview sheets.

I like that each month starts with the overview sheet, followed up by a notes section. That way, the user can plan out their month and write details of important events in the notes section.

The cover of this planner is made very durable. It is hard, with a soft faux leather cover on top. The cover is environmentally friendly, which earns it extra brownie points from me.

Guiding each week as you go will never be easier than with this planner!

8. Clever Fox Planner PRO Weekly & Monthly Life Planner

Clever Fox Planner PRO - Weekly & Monthly Life Planner to Increase Productivity

Check Latest Price on Amazon

As the name suggests, Clever Fox is rather ‘clever’ in forging its products. They always blend innovation and intuitiveness in their crafts. This one is no different. In fact, it’s arguably the best life planner for men.

Let’s talk about the features now. Sporting a cover made of faux leather and a ravishing black color, this product comes with a plain and simple interface making it an ideal stationery accessory.

Have a look at the incredibly innovative design! The layouts are undated and sleek- you can start using the diary any time of the year, and no pages will be wasted. Also, the blank dates follow a descending hierarchy making it easier to sort.

The organized planner will make your life much more structured and controlled. It helps you keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. Enjoy the benefits of intense focus and unending productivity.

So, if amazing design, unique and convenient layout, and amazing build quality are on your checklist, you can blindly go for this amazing stationery while getting the worth of every penny you had spent.

9. Panda Planner Pro Daily Planner

Panda Planner Pro - Best Daily Planner for Happiness & Productivity

Check Latest Price on Amazon

A brand of comfort, Panda Planner Pro is the companion of productive and well-organized people. Buying their products comes with a number of useful services and conveniences; read on to find out.

First of all, let’s talk about the most attractive addition- access to the private membership site. This web portal allows you to surf through intriguing articles about productivity, psychology, procrastination, and many more.

The dimension of this notebook is also very convenient. Weighing only 1.7 pounds with a dimension accommodating A4 paper sizes, this planner is a breeze to carry.

Panda integrated a scientific approach to productivity while crafting this journal. Formulated using the lessons from positive psychology and neuroscience, the planner is your sword and shield in achieving that big break you’ve been craving.

However, personal preference is something you should consider beforehand as the layout might seem overwhelming to some. The paper quality isn’t top-notch as well, which may be the only objective downside of this product.

10. Smart Planner Pro Daily Planner

Smart Planner Pro – Daily Planner

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Smart Planner specializes in making cheeky and simplistic journals that fit your style and satisfy with the amazing quality of its cover and pages. Allow us to elaborate further.

The most stand-out feature of this amazing notebook is quality. Smart Planner spared no expense in creating this one-of-a-kind accessory. The 120 GSM bleed-proof paper is awe-inspiring, and the hardcover is made of animal-friendly leather.

The journal features updated layouts that cover all the weeks and the months of the year. The papers are A5 in size and sports an inner back pocket, rubber strap, and 3 bookmarkers.

And the pages inside the planner have separate calendars with daily schedules. Also, it helps you set goals with a separate scoring method, gamifying your life and productivity. The to-do list, habit building, and notes section are useful as well.

Good news for the vegans as this planner is suitable for them. After reading all these benefits, what are you waiting for? Amazing quality, convenient layout, useful accessories, this journal has it all!

11. Journaltastic 2022 Weekly & Monthly Planner

Journaltastic Weekly & Monthly Planner with Tabs

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When you’re looking for the best planners for men, Journaltastic is bound to come up. This company is well experienced in the art of making journals, and this beautiful product is their Sistine Chapel.

But don’t think that this journal is ‘all talk no show.’ In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. This is one of the few allrounder journals you can find on the market. With flexible hardcover and thick paper, this one is truly a treat.

The planner comes in the size of 6.3×8.4 inch suited for carrying in briefcases. Another addition is the monthly tabs that allow easy navigation. Its side note section allows you to take quick notes or write down ideas.

Also, the twin-wired binding of this planner is extraordinary for its sturdy build. The backside contains a pocket for cardholding, and the strap allows you to keep the journal closed safely.

But the only downside we found in this beautiful product is that it’s dated. This is not necessarily an issue, but some find dated planners to be more suited to their taste.

12. Little More Daily Updated Organizer Planner

Little More Daily Organizer

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Add one more to the list of cool planners as this Little More brings you yet another minimalistic notebook that will soon become your daily companion once you buy.

As a personalized planner for men, this one ticks all the boxes. With a soft vegan cover and 80 gsm fountain pen friendly paper, you’ll get addicted to your workstation.

Customized for workaholic professionals, this journal gets straight to work as its simplistic design makes your work less complicated. The page has a lot of room and helps prioritize tasks.

The product also comes with stickers for small notes and ideas. Also, the journal can work as a replacement for your calendar. This mini wonder will boost your productivity and help you get a grip on your life.

Amazing build quality, tremendous design, and a number of accessories make picking this a no-brainer. Even though the dated aspect of this journal may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you can purchase this with your eyes closed for the offered features.

13. Tullofa 2022 Weekly & Monthly Planner

Tullofa Weekly & Monthly Planner

Check Latest Price on Amazon

If you are into colorful, artsy abstract designs, Tullofa is your brand! They have a fantastic collection of abstract, whimsical designs that anyone can fall in love with.

This particular item of theirs has an elegant combination of turquoise, gold, and white colors. And this fusion of white and gold creates the elegant feel that men crave from the best planners for young professionals.

As a professional hard at work, oftentimes, you may not have enough time to sit down and neatly write in your planner. For some, it is tough to write on plain white paper.

Well, don’t worry about that anymore, because this planner comes with lined pages! And the lines do not take away from its beauty. In fact, they go along well with the entire aesthetic.

Because of the thicker papers, you will not face any shading, bleeding, or fraying issues from this planner.

14. Moleskine Classic 12 Month 2022 Daily Planner

Moleskine 12 Month Daily Planner - Soft Cover

Check Latest Price on Amazon

This next brand is a legendary one, as its notebooks are the successors and heirs of the notebooks used by philosophers and artists in the past 2 centuries, such as Ernest Hemingway, Vincent Van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso. Aren’t you impressed?

And this item from them is a handy little men’s daily planner that can fit in your pocket. Taking a planner with you wherever you go has never been easier. It has a dimension of 3.5×5.5 inches for that.

Unlike the previous pocket planner, this one is a daily organizer. In it, you can do business and travel planning, bullet and fitness journals, and more. There will be one whole page dedicated to each day, so you can add quite a few elements.

Even though it is mainly a daily planner, there are calendar grids inside, too. And the papers are thick, ivory in the shade. The texture of the paper is amazing for writing with anything – fountain pen, ballpoint pen, or pencil.

15. Global Printed Products Hardcover

Global Printed Products Hardcover Planner

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Global Printed Products specialize in making academic planners on a budget. So, quality-wise, their products might not be the high quality on the list, but they are still better than generic cheap planners. Also, they provide great value.

This is a 14-month planner, which starts in November of 2022 and ends in December of 2023. Although by the time you’re reading this, several months will have already passed, I still appreciate the little room for adjustment they provided.

The design on this guy’s planners is a gorgeous rainbow watercolor. It looks really great, but I’m unsure if all men would be down with this aesthetic.

If you happen to like this design, then you are in luck! This planner also comes with a matching bookmark and sticky note set.

The notebook also has metal corner protectors, which is a nice touch. A downside to the planner is that it does not have enough pages at the back to take notes of important things.

Also, the cover is nice, thick, and heavy, which makes it robust. But there is also a downside to that. It makes the entire thing weigh a lot.

Facts to Consider Before Buying Best Planners for Men

We believe our listed products are the best planners for men you will find in the market for 2022. However, if you still wanted to look around more to find one that truly matches you (or the men in your life), then keep these following factors in mind when looking for one:

Design & Quality

A planner is something you will be looking at and using on the regular for a whole year. So, the design absolutely matters! If you do not enjoy flipping through it, then it will not motivate you either.

Also, quality matters! No one wants a planner whose page will have ink bleedings,  ghosting, or a bad texture to write on.


You will find weekly planners, where each week is spread across two pages vertically or horizontally. This layout matters more than you think.

If you are a task-oriented planner, you will have a more detailed schedule with long to-do lists. For that, the vertical layouts will be perfect because they have a column format.

And if you are more of a note-taker, then you will appreciate horizontal layouts. There is even room for doodles in there.

Also, another layout you may come across is the ‘dashboard.’ In this layout, one page will be dedicated to a day or a week, and the other will have gratitude prompts, habit trackers, fill-in-the-blanks, and other similar prompts.


Planners range from barebones to jampacked with extras. What is better for you is completely personal. You will come across a lot of basic books with a solid-colored cover and just some calendars.

On the flip side, you will also come across planners that contain many charts, bullets, quotes, and check-in options. Neither of these could be for you. You could want something in between, such as a planner with a pretty decked out cover but few embellishments on the inside.

Your planner needs to inspire & motivate you, whatever it means for you. It could mean a simple basic planner with no room for distractions. Or, it could also mean something with a horoscope, little doodles, and quotes. The choice is yours.

So, see a few designs and notice which style tends to motivate you more.

Goal Set

How far into the future are your goals? And how much are your visionary goals broken down into small tasks? If you are the type of person who plans everything down to the hour, then a daily planner with hourly grids is for you. Keep in mind that they tend to be heavy, which can be difficult to carry.

Consider getting 6-month daily planners if that is a dilemma you are facing. They will be more portable while also providing ample space to note everything down.

And if you prefer simplicity and just want to see an overview of the following week or month, then weekly and monthly planners are more suited for you. They also have enough space to make small notes.


Even if the paper quality does not bother you that much, something that will catch your eye every time you use the planner is its cover. Despite cooking well, it also should be of great quality.

Why do you ask? Because a planner is something, you will be using on the regular and taking with you around for at least a year. If the cover is flimsy and poorly made, then it will start looking beaten up and ugly near the end of its life.

You do not want your planner to look like a truck ran over it, do you?

Color Variation

A manly planner will most likely have earth or jewel-toned colors to it. However, do not be afraid to try out peach or pink if that’s what you like! You should not have to stick to a set standard.


If you want to be laser-focused, boost your productivity, and optimize the workflow you have pending, then look for planners made for working professionals or academics.

They will help you stay on top of all work projects and jot down every last important detail.


Check out the types of pages and their contents inside the planner. Some planners come with all the months at first. Also, some have a month grid, followed by the weekly and daily pages, and then the next month’s grid.

Consider how everything is organized inside the planner and which type will help you use the planner most efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are planners effective for school, office, and home?

Definitely yes! In school and office, planners help you schedule and manage your upcoming tasks like a pro, making your life easier. They also prevent procrastination, forgotten tasks, forgotten details, and other hassles that come with not having a proper schedule.

At home, you can be mindful of important life events you should be aware of and also plan out your home errands. Planning domestic errands will also free up more time for your leisure. You can save so much time by using a planner! It will allow you to sit back & relax, or try out new interesting hobbies.

2. Why do you need a planner for meetings or post-office hours?

For meetings, you can break down and plan the entire thing in your planner. You can also keep important notes from the meetings in bulleted parts of the planner.

It will keep important information in writing, and should to need it at a later date, just go to the date the meeting took place and look through your notes.

During post-office hours, you can use your planner to schedule your next day’s tasks. This will keep you away from forgetting next day plans. Also, you can make different work-related lists, such as project lists, action lists, template lists, and running lists.

3. Do planners have monthly and weekly refills?

Yes, but not all of them do. Spiral-bound planners often have monthly and weekly refills you can find online. As for daily planners, finding a refill is tougher since replacing the entire planner is much more convenient than getting a refill.

Planner refills are a great idea if you a specific brand of planner that you love to use and keep coming back to. Good quality planners do not come cheap and getting refills do save a few bucks.

Remember to check if your preferred manufacturer offers refills.

4. How do you actually use your planner effectively?

All the best planners for men in the world are of no use if they can’t be used well. If you are new to planners, start with larger time blocks, such as yearly and monthly. Slowly move down to weekly and daily sections as you get used to it. Get used to using it by using the planner every day.

Use the time-blocking method because it helps get things done. And record everything you can in a planner. Also, do not use multiple planners. This includes digital planners, too. Choose one and stick to it.

Lastly, have fun with the planner, and do not be afraid to get messy sometimes.

Final Words

By now, you should know about all the best planners for men as well as all relevant info about them. So, go ahead and buy your favorite. It is now time to get your life on track and boost your productivity to the max.

Best wishes for the journey to come!

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