6 Best Knitted Ties for Men – Made with Silk & Wool

Knitted ties are that perfect in-between of formal and business-casual. You wouldn’t want to be overly dressed up for someone’s engagement party. A knit tie, being more subtle and casual than typical neckties, would look great with a button-up shirt in a more laid-back setting.

Ties can be worn in 177,147 ways so there’s no doubting their versatility. The knitted tie adds to this versatility as it can be worn with both formal and casual attires. But it can all go haywire if you don’t wear them right.

You may look for the best knit ties, but it’s not a good-quality tie if it’s not made out of polyester, cashmere, or fabric that goes toe to toe with such fabrics. Besides, the size has to be perfect. Keeping all these things in mind, we’ve made this list for you. Let’s dive in.

How to Wear Knit Ties?

Wear Knit Ties

You want to know how to style a knit tie to make it look good with your fit. These factors make or break your knitted tie outfit:

Your Outfit

Perhaps, the most important aspect of pulling off a knitted tie look is wearing it with the right outfit. For example, you can’t match a knit tie with suits meant for formal events.

The Type

Knitted ties come in two types:


These are ties made of a material that crunches up. This is more suitable for a formal setting.


These ties are soft and silky. They don’t have a visible texture and are easier to match with casuals.

Go for the type of tie that matches the occasion and dress code. You want to neither be overdressed nor underdressed.

The Knot

As we mentioned in the intro, there are various ways to wear a tie, and the case is no different for a knitted one. We recommend not going for any of the fancy knots like the Windsor, trinity, or Kelvin.

The Material

Wool, silk, polyester, satin, or cashmere? That is the question. This is a vital decision when buying these ties.

All we suggest is you stay away from cashmere because of its extravagant price tag. But wool knit ties, silk knit ties, blends, or any other materials definitely receive a huge thumbs up from our end.

As long as you take all these factors into account, you will not look silly when trying to pull off this classy look.

6 Best Knit Ties Reviews From Top Brands

These are the best knitted ties available in the market. Very few other knit ties can compete with the following ties due to their elegance, simplicity, and overall aesthetics.

1. WANDM Pointed Knit Tie

WANDM Men's Pointed Knit Tie

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Starting off our today’s list of ties with this one from WANDM. This is one just so happens to be one of the thick knit ties. At 2.75 inches, this tie is only slightly thicker than most of the others.

This highlights how thin these ties really are. (None of them are even 3 inches.) This means this tie is a no-go for slim people. That’s the only real downside to this product. Other than that, the material is top-notch: The high-quality polyester feels and looks premium. (It is also machine-washable.)

Furthermore, the color options on this are also insane. The colors are neither obnoxiously eye-catching nor do they blend with the surroundings. Our personal favorite, as well the one that most customers preferred, is the navy blue knitted tie.

This tie is smooth, meaning you can wear it with casual outfits, but it wouldn’t look too bad with semi-formals either. The pointed end gives it that ‘edge.’

2. AngelShop Vintage Casual Knit Ties

AngelShop 4PCS Vintage Casual Tie Mens

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You’ve come here looking for knitted ties, which means you want something to go with casual attire. Well, this is the perfect product for you. This tie is one of the thinnest on the list. So, slim guys, this tie was practically tailored for you at only 2 inches of thickness.

The color profile, unlike the previous product, is limited, however. With only 4 options to boot, the colors get boring and repetitive real fast, no matter how much they vary in design.

Moreover, the material used in this knit tie is microfiber. This is decent material. Not as durable as polyester but softer and smoother. Speaking of smoothness, this tie is smooth too but heavily inclined to the informal side of fashion. This will not go with a formal outfit in a million years, especially because of its slimness.

3. Zenxus Wrinkle Proof Knit Ties

ZENXUS Knit Ties for Men

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This is a balanced product. It corrects the flaws of the previous products but doesn’t have any of the perks the previous ones have either.

Starting with the thickness, at 2.35 thickness, we can consider this the perfect thickness for pulling off both a formal and casual look without too much trouble. It also suits everybody’s type.

Another polyester product, you can rest assured this tie has a decent feel to it. It is also wrinkle-proof as an added benefit to the premium material.

Zenxus have mastered the art of knit tie pattern as they have designs that no other companies on this list can challenge.

The flat square end is a bit of a con as it makes it a little hard to match with formal attires. However, the wrinkle-free polyester does look elegant enough to blend into that look.

4. Retreez Vintage Knit Tie

Retreez Vintage Skinny Knit Tie

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Retreez is demanding the throne for casual kings from Angelshop. This tie rivals them in both thickness and material.

Both knitted ties are only 2-inches thick and made of amazing material. The third time’s the charm with polyester for this product. An advantage Retreez has over Angelshop is its varied colors. This product comes in several colors and exciting patterns

One unique benefit this product has is its unisex design, meaning that both men and women can wear this tie without any problems whatsoever. A downfall here, however, is its poor water-resistance in that it doesn’t have any. Do not wash this tie. This is a strictly dry clean only case.

This tie is a dismal option for formal wear. The skinny build looks tack, and the flat square-end does not fit in in any sense of the word.

5. Kihatwin Slim Knit Tie

Solid Color Knit Tie for men

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This is a bit of a unique product. Where the others are gunning for unique selling points, this tie is playing its own game. The thickness is standard, just like Zenxus’s product. At 2.35 inches, it’s neither too thick nor too fat. But this isn’t really a perk. We’ll explain why soon. We have a clear favorite here in terms of color as well: the navy blue one, but the color, as we previously mentioned, is gorgeous. And we just love how it looks on ties.

Color aside, the material is great too. Unlike the previous products, this belongs to a rare breed of wool knitted ties with a soft blend of silk.

Moreover, the flaw? It’s heavily niched. The product description calls it a groom tie. This is not suited for a casual party thanks to its material and premium feel.

6. Alizeal Knit Tie

Casual Knitted Neckties

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The last product we have is also pointy. Making it one of only two on this list. Do you know what other similarity it has with WANDM’s product? Its thickness.

That’s right! This is a business casual battle royal. Even the material is the same polyester used by their competitors. These two ties are like peas in a pod.

What could be a deciding factor? The color options. Alizeal has more patterned and funky colors that allow you to express yourself well. In contrast, WANDM offers sophisticated colors that show maturity and professionalism. The choice is yours.

Facts to Consider Before Buying Best Knit Ties for Men

Top Brands

There are a few factors that need careful consideration before picking out the perfect product for yourself. These factors are:

Simple & Stylish

You’re getting knitted ties meaning you’ll have to be very careful with how you style it. Look for a perfect blend of subtlety and confidence. You need to find a tie that says, “I’m confident, and I can do anything,” but not “hey, look at me, I’m better than you.”

What do we mean? A simple monotone tie is boring, while a heavily patterned tie is whacky. You need to find the balance. A lightly patterned tie can’t be beaten.

It needs to be fit for all the occasions you want to wear it at, whether it be a date, a party with friends, or if you’re feeling extra-risqué at a business party.

Color Variation

Another important factor is color. Aren’t you sick of black ties? They are boring and should only be worn if there is a necessity in our opinion. Try fun colors like red, blue, burgundy, or even a very light shade of pink. Don’t get too adventurous, though. Orange and yellow are off-limits.

The color options on each of this product are different, so you might just be able to make the pick depending on the color rather than spending hours debating on the material

High-Quality Fabric

Speaking of material, the fabric is also a crucial factor to consider when buying a tie. All the ties on our list are made of state-of-the-art material, so it isn’t much of a concern in terms of durability or integrity.

This is more of a matter of preference. Cotton is softer and smoother than polyester. This feel, texture, and look may be better suited for your fashion sense. (Unfortunately, there are no great silk knit ties for men. Trust me, we checked.)

The feel is important as you need to be comfortable with the tie to wear it for long periods of time, the texture makes sure it goes with your outfits, and the look (i.e., the knitting) is heavily dependent on those two things.

Back Satin Keeper

This is a pretty decent feature on a tie. Any avid tie user knows how any ties without a good back satin keeper. You can rest assured because all these items have high-quality satin keepers that will last you a while.

They do vary ever so slightly in quality, however. This shouldn’t be a deciding factor when buying a tie, but we understand if it is high on your list of priorities.

Machine Washable

This is a feature that is very hard to find. High-quality, durable materials usually need to be dry cleaned or hand-washed. You need to make a slight compromise in quality if you want this feature.

Some materials do find the line between quality and convenience by making a good tie that is machine washable; however, they don’t hold a candle to the other ties in terms of durability and overall feel and texture.

FAQs On Quality Wool & Silk Knitted Ties

1. When Were Knit Ties Popular?

While their popularity peaked in the 20s and made a short return in the 40s, 50s, and 70s, knit ties are still popular. It is a timeless fashion staple that defines the window between formal and casual. It is the archetype of a casual business accessory.

2. How To Tie A Knit Tie?

As we mentioned before, avoid complicated and showy knots. This is a pretty simple tie, so the knot needs to be simple as well. Tie a simple knot or a four-in-hand knot or a schoolboy knot or whatever you’d like to call it. The point is don’t overdo it.

3. Are Knitted Ties In Fashion?

Timeless fashion accessories never go out of fashion. To prove it to you, several A-list celebs across generations have worn these ties;

John Barrymore in the 20s, Frank Sinatra in the 40s, Marlon Brando in the 50s, Sean Connery in the 70s and Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, Justin Timberlake, David Beckham and, Robbert Pattinson today.

Notice how many new celebrities we named: one could argue they are making their second comeback. (Or we photograph more today.)

4. Are Knit Ties Professional?

Depends on the tie. There are many variations to a knit tie. Classically, knit ties are part of casual attire. The traditional knit tie with a flat squared end doesn’t go especially well with a suit.

But the recent rise of business casual has given way to a whole new fashion trend of dressing down at work to increase the comfort and freedom at a workspace. This means knit ties can be part of our office lives too.

Some modern knits have also adapted to fit that purpose. For example, both Alizeal and WANDM’s products had pointy ends as opposed to flat ones.

5. Why Are Knit Ties Square?

Knit neckties are square because it is easier to make them in that style. This takes expert knitting skills to knit it into a triangular shape. It also requires more material and looks a lot more formal.

Again, thanks to advancements in modern science, this doesn’t seem like such a hard task as machines can make pointy ends, no sweat.

6. How Do You Wear A Knit Tie?

Wearing a knit tie has no special trick. It is literally just the same as any other tie. You tie a strong but loose adjustable knot around your neck and pull the tab. In terms of wearing it well, we’ve already made a detailed guide on the factors to consider before wearing a knitted tie.

Final Words

So what are the best knit ties? That is entirely your decision to make. We’ve just reviewed the top ones over here. But if you want our opinion, we’d go for WANDM pointed knit tie. Now, yes it’s true that it can be a bit expensive, but don’t you think that the best products are a bit expensive?

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