15 Best Tie Clips Ideas To Improve Your Style

The 90s kids are familiar with tie clips or tie bars because back in the days, it was the go-to accessory for the elites.

But over the past few years, tie clip’s popularity has been vacillated due to individual fashion preference and the influence of trends.

Thus, buying this accessory can be a bit baffling at times.

And to find out the best tie clips from so many options is indeed the hardest chore.

Now, what is a tie clip, actually?

Well, as the name refers, it’s a clip or bar which is attached or pinned with your tie. And the purpose of using these clips is to secure the tie to its right place.

So, without any further ado, let’s wade through the best men’s tie clips that we have compiled today!

Tie Bar vs Tie Clip

Before we get into the review, let’s decipher the subtle difference between tie bar and tie clip.

So, basically, tie clips are a bar made of metal that fastens the tie to the underlying garment. Tie clips have this jaw like opening which clutches the tie and secures it to its place.

While on the other hand, tie bars simply slides across the tie. And that’s the only nuanced difference, which is the way you wear them.

However, both tie bar and tie clips are equivalent to each other. Depending on their way of application and convenience, people either choose tie bar or tie clips.

15 Cool Tie Bars Ideas In

We invested some extended hours from our everyday routine and extracted some unique tie clips for you.

And the top of our priority was to go through every single customer’s review and evaluate the product head-to-toe.

We hope that this review will help you find out the ideal tie clip so that you can enhance your collection.

1. Tie Clip by Mark Ross

Tie Bar Clip for Men

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A classic tie with the luster of silver is what every man needs to make a distinction. Here, you have the high-quality tie clips by Mark Ross, which maintains a fair balance between the conventional and modern styles.

This tie is timeless.

You can wear it in any era, and still, people would be staring at you with utmost respect and appreciation. This tie clip is 2.25 inches long and 0.275 inches wide, which makes it apt for every standard size necktie.

Also, the clip adheres to your tie effortlessly without having to exert any sort of pressure, thanks to its smooth and seamless finish.

Besides, it ensures keeping the tie perfectly aligned even in intense events. Thus, no matter whether you bend down, wiggle, run or make constant movements, the tie lays flat and secured.

Don’t hesitate to pair it up with shirts and suits regardless of their colors. The brushed silver-tone blends well, just fine.

2. Merit Ocean Men Tie Bar Clip

Merit Ocean Men Tie Bar Clip

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One of the biggest problems that we all face during clipping the tie clips is the tendency of jamming.

Like sometimes, it becomes too rigid to press and open. But Merit Ocean has resolved the problem by featuring a premium quality tie pin of brass that incorporates gun-black-plated carbon fiber.

In easier words, this material withstands jamming or any type of resistance for a prolonged time. Hence, you can clutch it with your necktie effortlessly.

Also, the sleek silver profile ideally complements any formal or informal outfit, let alone neckties.

Wear this 2.2 inches long and 0.2 inches wide tie bar clip with confidence on any occasion and make your presence worth remembering.

3. Wurkin Stiffs 3 pc Slim Tie Bar Clip Set

Wurkin Stiffs Slim Tie Clip Set

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Contrary to other antiquated alligator clips, Wurkin uses a proprietary spring to keep your necktie properly aligned.

And the best part is this luxury tie bar that comes in 3 different colors such as black, silver, and golden.

Not to mention each of the colors has a gloss, which amplifies the beauty of your formal tuxedo and necktie. In fact, a plain black boring necktie can be adorned by the golden tie bar, and trust us when we say, “it will look immaculate.”

This slim tie bar easily slides across the tie, unlike the clip ties that need to be fastened.

With the 1.65 inches profile, this one becomes one of the most compatible tie bars to be paired with any outfit.

4. BodyJ4You 4PC Cufflinks Tie Bar

BodyJ4You Tie Bar

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This one is possibly the best men tie bar clip set you will ever come across. And when we say best, we mean it!

Let us tell you why.

The package here includes a pair of cufflinks, a matching tie bar, and a clip that secures your cash with a chiseled letter.

Now, the most enticing fact is that you can personalize the letters.

If your name starts with “A,” then you can simply choose the required letter and place the order.

You will get the plain silver colored necktie bar that slides across smoothly in your necktie.

Here, the tie bar’s length is 50 mm, and the money clip’s length is 54mm. Given the information, the size of the tie bar seems plausible for a standard size necktie.

Also, the cufflinks have a similar letter carved on them. Thus, it doesn’t only secure your tie but also bestows fulfillment in your presence.

5. Kenneth Cole REACTION men’s Classic Tie Clip

Kenneth Cole REACTION men's Classic Tie Clip

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If you want some regular fashion tie bar clips, then consider Kenneth Cole’s Classic tie clips.

These are clearly not an elegant addition to your necktie collection, but in terms of simplicity, this can make an effect.

The tie clip is imported and made of 100% metal with the j-clip closure.

Now, about the design, it comes in a slim silver exterior with a hint of blue on top. So, basically, there are two colors in one tie clip.

And, it blends perfectly with any of your outfits without giving off the bold or aggressive vibe.

Here, it offers a gift box with the Kenneth Cole trademark on it. Speaking of this, the price might overwhelm you as compared to other tie clips; it’s blatantly expensive.

However, the fact that you are purchasing high-end tie clips also justifies the pricing. Your money will be well spent, precisely.

6. Jstyle Tie Clip and Cufflink Set for Men Tie Bar

Jstyle Dad Tie Clip

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This package is nothing like the fancy tie clips. Instead, it’s a formally appropriate tie cufflink set that graces your office tuxedos adequately. The package here incorporates 4 pairs of cuff links and 4 pieces of tie clips.

And each of the tie clip features a different color such as black, blue, goldtone and silvertone.

Usually, these are the most common colors in the world of tie clips and tie bars.

Technically, you are getting all colors in one package, including 4 matching cufflinks. Besides, each tie clip is tailored with a specific design.

Moreover, the durable construction of brass is relatively thicker and ensures grasping the necktie with utmost grip and steadiness.

However, the thickness doesn’t hinder the comfort at all.

To conclude, if you want an all-in-one package for your everyday corporate life, then this one will do the job without compromising durability.

7. HAWSON 2 inch Tie Clips for Mens-Skinny Tie Bar

HAWSON Mens Skinny Tie Bar

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What can possibly be the best wedding tie bar? While some prefer fancy tie clips, we succumb our faith in HAWSON’s 2-inch tie clips; specifically made for slim neckties.

This package offers 4 tie bars in 4 different colors as silver, rose gold, gold, and black gun.

All these colors have the perfect gleam, which can enchant anyone’s visuals. And let us tell you that it’s not just a pretty face! In fact, this tie bar is entirely nickel-free and built to last.

Make sure you clean them gently with a soft towel or cotton pads. It helps to retain the luster for a long time.

Moreover, we consider it as one of the finest custom tie clips for groomsmen because you can imprint any letter on them.

For instance, consider gifting a tie bar where the first letter of your husband’s name is chiseled. Fascinating, isn’t it?

8. MOZETO Tie Clips for Men

MOZETO Tie Clips for Men

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Self-gifts are often considered the best way to cope with self-deprecation. And nothing can be more satisfying than gifting yourself a classic tie clip set, which also amplifies your confidence.

Now, speaking of this, the MOZETO tie clips epitomize the fashion aesthetics at their best. Let us tell you why.

First of all, this package includes 4 different tie clips in a diverse pattern.

But the color scheme focuses solely on silver but in distinct texture.

Secondly, these tie clips are utterly compatible that easily harmonizes with any casual, formal, or fancy neckties. Even in a conservative environment, these tie clips stand out and maintain equity.

In addition to these, the clips are made of high- quality copper and lead free nickel. Hence, there’s no contingency of color fading, abrasion, toxic emission, or rusting. It retains the newness for an extended period.

Moreover, when you stroke your fingers on them, it will instantly evoke a calm and gentle feeling, thanks to the high polished smooth surface. Pair these tie clips with your go-to neckties (2.3” x 0.23”), and forget about fixing them perpetually.

9. YADOCA Tie Clips Set for Men

YADOCA Tie Clips Set

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How about a budget-friendly tie bar set with different color and pattern availability?


YADOCA presents the most affordable tie bar package that includes 10 tie bars, which suffice all the classic aesthetics. The perfectly engineered profile of these tie bars is refined with high-quality copper.

Simply put, these necktie accessories are supremely durable and immune to rust and color fading. You can pair them up with your everyday casual and formal wear along with a solid black necktie.

We presume all of us have this good old silk black necktie in our cupboard.

And believe us when we say, this package features every possible color that blends perfectly with a simple black necktie. Thus, buying this package is a cheap hack. Buy one necktie and style it up with 10 different tie bars individually.

Also, if you are worried about the size, let us assure you that it’s compatible with both skinny and wide neckties.

10. LParkin Father of The Bride Gifts Father of The Groom Gifts Wedding Tie Clips

LParkin Wedding Tie Clips

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While most of the tie bars can be paired with almost any type of neckties, this one has a very specific purpose. So basically, LParkin features tie bars solely for the bride’s father.

Meaning, it’s a gesture of gratitude to your father in law which also can be a wedding gift from your side. The tie bar is chiseled with a text that says “FATHER OF THE BRIDE’ on top and “I LOVE YOU FIRST” on the rear side.

It’s is available in more than 8 colors; however, the text can’t be personalized. So, things can go downhill if you are willing to customize the text.

Now, as it’s supposed to be a wedding gift, LParkin ensured making it competently. The high-quality stainless steel notably radiates the gleam that your eyes are craving to witness. Besides, the tie bar has a dimension of 2 x 3/8 inches. Undeniably, the tie bar fits in both slim and wide neckties and secures it firmly.

Hence, buying them as a present will be worthwhile, we suppose.

11. LOYALLOOK Initial Cufflinks and Tie Clip for Men

LOYALLOOK Tie Clip for Men

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Honestly, we aren’t the fan of plain silver patterns on tie clips as sporadically, they look bland on certain colors. But if you admire the matte silver color and want a complete package with matching necktie jewelry, then LOYALLOOK can do the job.

Also, this one can be the ideal tie cufflink gift set in terms of pricing. Here, they offer a finely curated box that includes engraved cufflinks, a customized tie clip with preferred letters, and another tie clip with a unique feather design. You will have the letter stamped on the tie clips and the cufflink both.

Now, the size of the tie bars is 5mm, and the feather one is 11 mm in diameter. No wonder they fit perfectly on narrow and wide neckties both.

On top of that, the tie clips are crafted with stainless steel, while the cufflinks are made of copper.

Given the statement, there’s no possibility of corrosion, rusting, stains, spraying, tarnishing, and discoloration at all.

12. PiercingJ 3pcs Set Stainless Steel Exquisite GQ Classic Tie Bar Clip

PiercingJ Stainless Steel Tie Bar Set

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We thought it would be nice if we shortlist a tie clip set that doesn’t have any design or any sort of patterns on it – just simple plain solid colors that blend in seamlessly with any possible neckties. Then, we stumbled upon the PiercingJ store and their exquisite GQ classic tie clips.

It comes in a black jewelry box where three tie clips are assorted uniformly.

You will have charcoal black, silver, and a golden tie clip, which have the perfect gloss to refine your appearance.

It not only holds your tie at its right place but also lasts longer than many expensive tie clips, thanks to the stainless steel construction that withstands rust and stain. If you have a necktie that is relatively wider than the average size, no need to worry.

Here, the length of the tie clips is 2.28 inches, and the width is 0.27 inches. It will easily fit on wide neckties as well as narrow ones.

13. AMITER 4-Color Tie Clips Set with Chain for Men

AMITER Tie Clips Set

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If you are looking for tie clips specifically for skinny neckties, then AMITER has the ideal offer for you. It consists of 4 different color tie clips so that you don’t have to limit yourself to a particular necktie or shirt.

You can experiment on as many as you want. And the best part of these tie clips is the innovative chain system.

Yes, you heard it right!

Each tie clip is engaged with a chain that helps to secure your necktie steadily during intense working sessions.

Also, it allows dual-fastening mode. For instance, you can fasten the loop on the button, or you can run the loop across the buttonhole in order to secure it. The second process is applied when the button is bigger.

Furthermore, the price is very competitive. Hence, you should consider buying these for your skinny neckties as such lucrative deals don’t come frequently.

14. QIMOSHI 6 Pcs Tie Clips for Men


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A tie clip that can be styled up for any occasion, be it Christmas, wedding, or an important meeting; does it sound like a dream?

Now, imagine having a 6 pcs tie clip in one package that is tailored for multi-purpose use. Well, we think your visuals have come into reality.

QIMOSHI offers 6 pcs of tie clips, which are made of high-quality copper and have the perfect size to match any average size(2.3” x 0. 23”) necktie. There are 4 different color spectrums from which you can choose your desired set and complement the look of your necktie.

To conclude, the shiny, smooth surface and the classic yet sophisticated design will definitely mollify you.

15. MUEEU Wedding Cufflink Engraved Forever & Always Custom Date Round Square Groom Tie Clip Tack

MUEEU Wedding Square Tie Clip

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At the end of our review, we have MUEEU wedding cufflink and tie bar set. And we have a very valid reason to place it at number 15. First thing first, the design is pretty obsolete, which fails to charm the trend-freaks.

Secondly, there’s no shine or any spur or luster on the tie bars and cufflinks. It rather looks bland and rough from the outside.

However, it’s utterly durable as it’s made of stainless steel and flourished with the best workmanship to be precise.

Also, the tie bars and the 2 pcs cufflinks are engraved with personalized texts, logos, or anything you want to print.

This allows customization so that you can pick any letter, text, or design you want. And this is one of its finest features.

Moreover, the size is also suitable for average-sized neckties.

But as mentioned, the overall look is not sophisticated enough.

Now, if you are in a conservative office environment or you personally loath old school accessories, then this can do the job. On top of that, the pricing is very affordable. As we have cleared up the air here, now the choice is yours.

Facts to Consider Before Buying a Men’s Tie Clip

Consider Before Buying a Tie Clip

Only assessing the price isn’t enough while shopping for tie clips. There are few crucial factors that you need to take into account.

A tie clip might be a very tiny accessory, but it does make a big difference. However, even if you only go for the looks, these factors have a significant effect on it.

So, let’s glance over the things that you need to consider before buying a tie clip or tie bar.


The first and most important fact is to determine the purpose of wearing a tie bar, or on the type of occasion you are going to participate.

It can either be a wedding ceremony or a Christmas party.

Now, if you are planning to wear a tie bar that is too casual or too basic, then wearing it at a wedding won’t make sense. Because on occasions like wedding and other festivals you are supposed to dress up a little formal and fancy.

Or you can say a little “extra.”

However, when you are on a business trip or attending a conference, wearing a classic necktie with a basic tie bar will do the job.

So, long story short, the sense of fashion is diverse according to one occasion from another. Hence, make sure you know the purpose of pairing up a tie bar and what kind of outfit you are supposed to wear.

Style / Design

Secondly, you need to evaluate the style, which is also interconnected with the type of occasion you are going to attend.

Now, in this case, the first matter to ponder is the sense of matching, color manipulation, patterns, and additional accessories. There are different types of designs such as sporty, casual, formal, dapper, discreet, sporty, elegant, etc.

Now, suppose you are wearing a white shirt with a black tuxedo and black pants.

Here, to spice up the look, you chose a silver-plated watch and a black necktie. In this scenario, if you wear a shiny silver tie, it will only make sense. Because the background color is black and two opposite color contrast makes them the best pair to stand out in the crowd.

Also, remember the silver watch? Yes! It’s going to create a fine balance in your entire look as you are wearing a matching tie bar.

This is how you accentuate the look by keeping the mixing and matching strategy in mind.

Besides, if you want to hone up your appearance to the next level, then consider including cufflinks and pocket squares. Make sure the cufflinks blend well with the tie bar. And the pocket square should match the necktie seamlessly.

Keeping the style and design in mind and the type of shirt and necktie you have in your closet, you should buy the tie bar.


As already mentioned, the color should amplify the aesthetic of the entire look. You can either buy a tie bar that has a similar color to the outfit or the necktie. Also, any accessories like a watch or a bracelet can also compliment the tie clip or tie bar set if you wear a similar color.

The rule of thumb is to stick with the monochrome theme or two colors opposite from each other on the color wheel.

Moreover, try not to blend more than two colors. Because the more color you pile up, the more complicated it becomes to choose the color of your necktie accessory.


Check the surface and the metal polish of your tie bar to ensure smoothness and gleam.


There’s no standard weight mentioned for tie bars, but it should be neither too light nor too heavy—just capable enough to fasten the tie and hold it perfectly in place.

Make Sure of Your Tie Size

In terms of determining the right size for your tie bar, you must know the size of your necktie at first. Usually, the tie bar shouldn’t take more than two-thirds of the necktie in diameter. That’s the standard size that goes for both narrow and wide neckties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Wear Tie Bars, Clips, and Pins?

In order to secure your necktie to its right place, you should wear tie bars. Sometimes, due to constant movements or an extreme work environment, your necktie derails from the proper alignment. This is when you attach a tie bar or a tie clip to hold your tie firmly.

What are The Appropriate Dimensions of a Tie Bar?

The appropriate tie bar dimension is three-fourth of the width of your necktie.

Where to Place a Tie Clip Appropriately?

You need to attach the tie clip between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt as it clips both ends to the placket of your dress or your shirt apart from holding the front end to the back.

When do I Need a Tie Bar to Wear?

When there’s a contingency of your necktie getting misplaced, you should consider wearing a tie bar. Especially if you intend to attend a formal occasion.

How to Pick The Best Tie Bar Color?

According to popular opinion, grey, silver, rose gold, and charcoal black are the safest colors when it comes to choosing tie bars. Focus on the polishing of your tie bar’s metal and try to merge it with your cufflinks, jacket buttons, belt, or watches.

End Quote

Well, that’s a wrap, but before we go, we would like to give you a tip for your best tie bar. So, while taking care of all the things mentioned in the buying guide, don’t forget to wear a jacket whenever you are willing to pair a tie bar.

Because that’s considered to be a fashion faux pas or a sartorial sin. A tie bar always looks 10x more dapper when you pair it up with a jacket and a classic necktie.

However, it’s better said than done. If you want to skip wearing jackets, then it’s still fine, but we highly recommend jackets and tuxedos!

Anyways, that was all about best tie clips. Hope the review was helpful.

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