Best Old Spice Scent – Most Popular Deodorant Scents

Beginning from the very first citrus and lemon smell to the unique wild collection,
the brand “Old Spice” offers almost everything that you require from a natural
deodorant or fragrance.

The best old spice scent can give you a pleasing, manly smell to keep you always
fresh and odor-less. And guess what? The old spice antiperspirant deodorant
aids in keeping excessive sweating far away from your underarms.

So, if you’ve already made a decision in terms of buying any scents or deodorants
from this brand, be sure to read my writing from head to toe and then pick any of
one from my 10 most-favorite choices.

Stay tuned!

10 Best Old Spice Deodorants for Men

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the old spice cologne review and see
which deodorant or scent suits you best.

1. Old Spice Swagger Scent Best Old Spice Body Wash

Old Spice Men's Body Wash

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The “Old Spice Company” did a great job by manufacturing this super-efficient
men’s body wash. It has got everything you need to get rid of the unpleasing smell
from your body and at the same time keep you smell so good!

With sodium lauryl sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, fragrance, and other
essential components, the old spice swagger keeps odor and dirt at bay from your
body, making it one of the bests if not the best old spice scent body wash!

Speaking of usage, you just need to put a little foam in your hand to clean up your
body entirely. And the body wash is a better combination of cedarwood and lime.
This red collection offers a mid-sized bottle that weighs about 16 fl oz (473 ml).
And guess what? You’re going to get 6 packs in total at a fair price, thankfully!

Surprisingly, the men’s body wash suits almost every body type. So, there is not a
single chance of dealing with allergies or other skin problems, guaranteed!

2. Old Spice Bearglove Scent for Men

Old Spice Deodorant for Men

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Let me show you a men’s deodorant from Old Spice. Coming in Bearglove scent,
this wild collection might be a great addition for long-term protection against
underarm odor.

Did I said “long-term protection?” Yep, it’s because the deodorant offers no less
than 24 hours of unpleasing smell protection!

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re riding an elevator or even climbing a
mountain; odor won’t bother you at all. In a nutshell, it knocks out stink with its
unique smell.

Moving on to the quantity, it comes in 3 packs, and each bottle weighs around 85 g
(3.0 oz).

Talking about the ingredients, it’s a combination of water, Dipropylene Glycol,
fragrance, Sodium Stearate, and some other essential things. Most interestingly, it
gets the smell of citrus, apple, and a wee bit of spice.

The point to be noted – this old spice deodorant is completely free from aluminum
or such materials, which means it’s very safe to use and suits almost every single
body type.

However, I’d suggest applying it only to your underarms and keep it far away if
you have sensitive skin.

3. Old Spice Body Spray

Old Spice Fresh Body Spray

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Guess what? It’s time to present a body spray from Old Spice. I’ve picked this up
for those who’re looking for the best old spice scent spray without spending a
small fortune!

Skin-friendly, appealing smell, ease of use, you name it; the fresh scent is more
than enough to provide you a “whole day protection” against bad smell and sweat.

And the interesting fact is, a single spray will be just enough to keep you smell
really good!

Hydrofluorocarbon 152a, Methyl Cyclodextrin, Fragrance, Alcohol Denat, and
water; the manufacturer has used all these essential ingredients to make it very
effective for men.

No need to be worried about the price; it seems relatively cheaper than the
traditional scents out there.

With a total of 4 packs, each bottle includes no less than 106 g (3.75 oz). So I’m
pretty sure you can use this body spray for so many days at a stretch!

What about the smell? Well, it gets a scent of palm tree that’s too good, and I
personally liked it so much. Although it’s compatible with every skin type, you
should stay away from applying it to your broken skin.

Besides, if you’ve noticed rash or skin irritation, don’t try to use it at all!

4. Wolfthorn Deodorant from Old Spice

Wolfthorn Deodorant Scent

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Sweet mandarin orange! This is the thing that makes it stand out from the crowd.
The particular deodorant from Old Spice equips a suave, pleasing smell to attract
everyone instantly!

With its unique smell, it casts stink away from your body, especially from your
underarms, to keep you fresh and smell excellent for long.

Without a doubt, it’s very easy to use. All you have to do is put a little amount of
balm to your hand, apply it to your underarms, and that’s all! It gives longer than
22 hours of great protection against stink or unpleasing odor.

So when you go out for a long-tour or camping, feel free to take this piece of
deodorant with you in order to stay clean, fresh, and odor-less.

In total, you’re getting 3 pieces of containers, and each comes in a weight of nearly
85 g (3 ounces). And good to know, the range of price isn’t that higher!

Thanks to the Dipropylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Water, Fragrance,
and Tetrasodium EDTA, these essential components make it pretty much efficient
for every male.

So, if you’re looking for the best old spice deodorant scent, I think this one won’t
disappoint you at all!

5. Old Spice U-BB-2485

Old Spice Lemon Lime

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So, are you looking for the best smelling old spice scent? If so, I’d suggest getting
yourself this one. The smell it comes with is pure lemon-lime, ensuring optimal
fragrance to keep your body stink-free.

Speaking of the protection, it’s capable of keeping sweat or unpleasing smell away
from your body for more than 22 hours.

So, apply a little amount of deodorant to your underarm and go out for your daily
work with full of confidence!

The best part? This particular deodorant comes in a controlled fragrance-release
formula to make sure the smell won’t fade away within hours.

As for ingredients, the maker has added Sodium Stearate, Dipropylene Glycol,
PPG-3 Myristyl Ether, water, fragrance, etc., ensuring long-lasting and even better

This red zone collection features an average-sized bottle with a weight of about 85
g (3 ounces). Since it’s a value pack swagger deodorant, the total weight is going
to be 170 g (6 ounces).

With a unique manly smell, it suits almost every type of body. But if you’re
dealing with allergies or other skin problems, I’d suggest taking experts’ advice in
order to know if you can use it or not!

6. Old Spice Anti-Perspirant Deodorant for Men

Old Spice Bear Glove

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Let me show you another value pack from Old Spice. You’re getting a total of 2
packs, and each contains about 73 g (2.6 ounces). And surprisingly, you’re going
to get this one without spending a pretty penny!

The bearglove old spice is an antiperspirant deodorant, which means the
underarm where you’re going to apply it will stay out of sweating.

So, by using this super-efficient deodorant, you’ll able to keep your body odor-less
and sweating-free at the same time.

Another interesting fact is, it goes on invisible, and after applying it, you’ll feel dry
instead of wet.

The essential ingredients it has used make it capable of lasting for up to 24 hours
normally. With its impressive smell, you can say “goodbye” to annoying body

Keep in mind, it’s designed only for external usage, and don’t try to use it on your
broken skin. Avoid the product in case you’ve issues with your kidneys.

Also, you should stop using the deodorant straight away if irritation or rash occurs.
Because after all, safety comes first!

7. Old Spice Aluminum Free Deodorant

Old Spice for Men

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Are you still looking for the best old spice scent? If your answer is yes, I’d
recommend choosing this model without a second thought! Its unique “fade
resistance scent technology” makes sure the smell won’t fade away too soon!

Undoubtedly, you can put unpleasing smell or stink on hours of lockdown, keeping
yourself fresh and free from awkward smell.

Don’t worry about the skin compatibility; it suits every men’s skin type on account
of its user-friendly ingredients, including fragrance, Dipropylene Glycol, Blue 1,
water, and so forth.

Since it’s an aluminum-free deodorant, the chances of skin irritations and allergies
will be almost zero. However, if you notice irritation or rash on your skin, be sure
to avoid using it right away.

If you ask me about the smell of this deodorant, I’d say it gets the scent of
“confidence.” The scent has added a smell of lime and cedarwood, ensuring
optimal fragrance for exceptional gents.

As for quantity, you’re getting 3 pieces of old spice bottles in total; each includes
85 grams / 3.0 ounces.

8. Pure Sport Scent from Old Spice

Old Spice High Endurance Scent

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This one might be the most popular old spice scent. And there are a couple of
reasons behind it. So if you think you need to have the best old spice scent for
men with long-lasting protection, feel free to consider the product.

With the advanced odor-fighting ingredient it comes with, the scent helps you
keep bad smells or stinks far away from your physique, especially from your

So, if you work really hard on a regular basis, I think applying a little amount to
your underarm will be enough to get rid of the odor.

Here is one thing to bear in mind – since the deodorant smells way too manly, it
won’t suit you best if you’re a teenager!

When it comes down to the essential ingredients, it packs a wide variety of
different things, such as – propylene glycol, water, fragrance, sodium stearate,
violet 2, Green 6, many more.

You’re getting a total of 3 packs. A single bottle weighs 85 grams / 3.0 Ounces.
I’m sure that it’ll meet your needs and you can use them at least for a couple of

9. Old Spice Aqua Reef

Old Spice Aqua Reef

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With Blue 1, Propylene Glycol, fragrance, and Sodium Stearate, the deodorant
from Old Spice come in a controlled scent-release formula, keeping the good smell
stick with your body for up to 24 hours or so.

Not only it removes unpleasing smell, but it’s also capable of keeping you
underarm free from sweating. Thus, it lets you stay fresh and always clean.
Applying the deodorant is easy-peasy; just you have to spray it into your armpits,
and that’s it! It smells so good, it’s long-lasting, and thankfully, it’s relatively

What’s more? You’re getting a single bottle that comes in a volume of 3 fluid
ounces. Since you won’t have to apply too much spray into your armpits, this little-
sized container can be used for a longer period if you really want.

My personal suggestion is to keep this product away from you if irritation or rash
develops on your skin. Besides, if the skin of your armpit is already broken, never
make a mistake of using it at all.

10. Old Spice Wild Collection Wolfthorn Scent Men

Old Spice Wild Scent

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Well, now I’m going to wrap up the comprehensive list of the best old spice scent
with this model. Though it gets a manly scent and reduces odor causing bacteria
from the body, the smell lasts only around a couple of minutes.

As for active ingredients, the deodorant has got Aluminum Zirconium
Trichlorohydrex Gly (18%). So if you’ve serious problems with allergies or skin
irritations, avoid having this model.

But thankfully, the scent also equips Stearyl Alcohol, Hydrogenated Castor Oil,
fragrance, mineral, and such essential oil.

In total, you’re going to get 4 packs, and each weighs around 2.6 ounces.
Did I say anything about antiperspirant? Well, good to know, the wild collection
wolfthorn scent is great not just for minimizing bad smell from your body, you can
keep your armpits away from excessive sweating as well.

But here is one thing to keep in mind – if you have broken skin, make sure to take
advice from doctors to know if you can use it or not.

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FAQs on Old Spice Cologne

What does swagger Old Spice smell like?

The swagger old spice has a good name for delivering a pleasing manly scent.
Talking about the smell, it gets lime and cedarwood.

Alongside the good smell, it makes sure to last for a longer period of time in order
to ensure optimal odor protection. And guess what? It plays a significant role in
keeping your underarm sweat-free. Impressive, eh?

How long does old spice deodorant last?

Indeed, it depends on the product you’ve picked up. On my list, I’ve added a
couple of old spice scents with different smells and ingredients.

But in general, an old spice deodorant lasts for up to 24 hours. So after using it,
you can go out for your regular job with full of confidence. Consequently, the
unpleasing smell or sweat can’t bother you at all.

How can I make my body smell good all day?

Making body smell good isn’t that tough. Let me break down the secrets so that
you can learn the way of keeping yourself smell excellent all day long.

Taking a Bath: Hands down, it’s the most important thing to keep in mind. Even if
you use the best scent of bodywash, your entire body will smell disgusting and
too unpleasing if you don’t take a bath on a daily basis. MARK MY WORDS!

Using Antiperspirant or Deodorant: So, after taking a bath, be sure to use the best
old spice body spray scent, deodorant, or any antiperspirant to keep your body
(especially the underarms) fresh and odor-less.

If you sweat a lot, I’d suggest getting your hands on the best smelling old spice
antiperspirant to get rid of both stink and sweating.

Wearing Clean Clothes: Not only it’s enough to take a bath and use a particular
deodorant, but you also need to make sure to put on clean clothes always. If the T-
shirt or jeans you’ve worn smells too awkward, using the best old spice scent will
go in vain, bear in mind!

Wrapping Up!

The old spice company has a very good name in the perfume-manufacturing
industry. And this is the main reason why my write-up is all about the best old
spice scent. 

Keep in mind, the unpleasing smell of the body can make your day worse,
especially if you’re in the office or having quality time with your special one. In
this case, the top old spice scents I’ve picked will be very effective in making
your whole day even better!

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