5 Best Keychain Pens | Cool Mini EDC Pens

While it may seem like a simple item, a keychain pen can make your day a little bit easier or more productive.

When I was requested to make a review of the best keychain pen, I was like, “WOW! That’s going to be fun!” But when I started researching, I realized that finding the best one isn’t going to be an easy-peasy task!

That’s why I took help from my expert team to find out what are the best keychain pens available in the current market. And then, I’ve successfully handpicked the top 5 choices for you.

Unlike the typical keychain pens, my selected products have excellent build quality, compact design, lightweight structure, and, more importantly, high-quality ink for more precise writing.

5 Cool Keychain Pens to Buy

So, are you waiting to find your favorite keychain pen? If so, then jump to the review section without more delays. These are my top 7 picks.

1. Keysmart ‎KS810SS

Keysmart ‎KS810SS


  • Pen Size: 3.3 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Point Type: Fine
  • Line Size: 1.0mm
  • Weight: 0.64 Ounces

The first pick goes to the Keysmart KS810SS with all the good qualities you need from chain pens. It’s extremely durable, portable, and at the same time, super stylish to look at.

The Nano pen is equipped with high-quality stainless steel for better and sturdier than the typical plastic models. That’s the reason behind using the word “extremely durable.”

There is no doubt that it’s one of the tiniest keychain pens out there in the shop, which is why you can keep it anywhere you want. The total size is only 3.3 inches, ensuring the best fitting on almost every keychain.

You’re getting a fine point to write anything with precision. Even the ink’s color it has lasts long, which can be refilled as well while needed.

Cleaning the pen will be super easy! A single piece of tissue paper will be just enough for quick and hassle-free cleaning. So overall, it’s my favorite key pen that’s compatible with both keysmart key holder and keychain!


  • Durable construction
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Precise writing
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Compatible with both keychain and keysmart


  • Weaker magnet!


Keysmart ‎KS810SS features stainless steel material, compact size, and lightweight structure to make it a perfect choice for everyone.

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2. True Utility TU246

True Utility TU246


  • Pen Size: 4 inches
  • Material: 420-grade Stainless Steel
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Available Refills: 3 pieces
  • Weight: 0.35 Ounces

Let it be your pocket, keychain, or anywhere else; the EDC keychain pen from True Utility can be kept anywhere for your daily usage, especially when you need to write some quick notes.

Thanks to its compact design, it seems to be as tiny as a regular door key!

This telescoping keychain pain is just around 2 inches (when closed), and when it’s extended, the pen won’t be more than 4 inches. Thus, it makes a perfect match with any tiny keychain.

Talking about the build quality, it gets 420-grade stainless steel to maximize durability and longevity.

No need to worry about running out of ink, the maker has offered three extra refills for you. So feel free to use this keychain pen regularly if you want.

Weighing only about 0.35 ounces, anyone can carry this little bomb all day long without any hassle.


  • Durable and compact
  • A fast pull release mechanism
  • Lightweight design
  • Three refills included
  • Waterproof case


  • The cap seems loose!


The fast pull release process and 420 grade stainless make the True Utility TU246 functional and durable at the same time!

3. Titanium Keychain Pen from TISUR

Titanium Keychain Pen from TISUR


  • Pen Size: 3 inches
  • Material: Gr5 Titanium
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Weight: 0.81 Ounces

As the name suggests, the keychain pen from TISUR has included top-notch Gr5 titanium, making it sturdier and even better than the traditional ones out there.

Not only it’s a keychain pen, but this one right here is necklace-friendly as well. Even it might be combined with a carabiner or can be kept smoothly in your tiny pockets. And it weighs only 0.81 ounces for portability.

I personally liked its ergonomic design, along with the anti-slip grip. These all play an essential role in offering a great hand feeling.

On top of that, your writing will be smooth and precise, especially if you use LAMY refills.

But unfortunately, the ink of this tiny pen runs out so early, meaning you always should have to be prepared to get extra refills. But apart from the issue, I liked it overall, from design to durability!


  • Gr5 titanium for durability
  • Light in weight
  • Smooth writing
  • Non-slip grip
  • Compatible with a keychain, necklace, and carabiner


  • A little pricey!
  • Ink runs out too soon!


Weighing only 0.81 ounces, Titanium Keychain Pen from TISUR is compatible with the keychain, necklace, and small-sized pocket because of its extremely small structure.

4. ARROW and EAVES 43835

ARROW and EAVES 43835


  • Pen Size: 3.3 Inches
  • Material: Titanium and Alloy Steel
  • Ink Color: Blue
  • Weight: 1.1 Ounces

Measuring only 3.3 inches, ARROW and EAVES 43835 seems so small in size to make a perfect match with your keychain and tiny pockets.

When you extend the pen completely, it appears 4.9 inches with a size of 0.31-inch standard grip for smooth and comfortable writing.

The titanium keychain pen has got your back if durability is what you’re concerned about; aircraft-grade alloy steel with a combination of five-grade titanium makes this mini titanium pen one of the sturdiest ones I’ve ever seen so far!

For easy refilling, the manufacturer offers an extra screwdriver for you. And additionally, you’re getting a single piece of keyring (carabiner-style), a spare set (o-ring), and two refill cartridges.


  • Perfect size for pocket and keychain
  • Ensures smooth writing
  • Made for long
  • Lots of accessories included


  • It might be a little heavier compared to other choices!


I’ve found the ARROW and EAVES 43835 super convenient to use because of their compact design along with the standard grip. Besides, the overall construction seems quite better than the others.

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5. Stylus Keychain from Sidelinx

Stylus Keychain from Sidelinx


  • Pen Color: Silver and Black
  • Quantity: 2 Pack
  • Weight: 0.317 Ounces

On number 5, I’ve got a 2-in-1 keychain pen from Slidelinx that is well-equipped with a built-in touchscreen stylus you’ll find on the outside.

So it keeps your hands away from touching unnecessary stuff, for which you can protect yourself from harmful germs and other such things.

Also, it’s suitable for your personal tablet and smartphone!

Here, you’re getting two packs (silver and black) instead of one to use the mini pen keychain for an extended period. I’ve found it super smooth and ideal for quick signing.

By just attaching the pen with your necessary keys, it’s possible to always keep it with you. You can also keep it inside your purse or pocket in case you don’t have any keychain. Trust me; it isn’t going to eat up a lot of space at all!


  • 2-in-1 mini keychain pen
  • Suits small pockets and keychain
  • Smooth and non-slip grip
  • Suitable for smartphones and tablets


  • The tip seemed way softer!


The Stylus Keychain from Sidelinx comes in a 2-in-1 feature, making it suitable for writing and operating smartphones and tablets through its touchscreen stylus.

What to Look for Before Buying

Since the current market has got over hundreds of different keychain pen models with different pros and cons, it might be challenging for you to get the best one, especially if you don’t have the proper knowledge about this pen.

So make sure you keep the below-mentioned things in your mind before making an ultimate purchase.


Before getting a keychain pen, don’t forget to consider the material first. Aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium; are some of the popular and durable materials you should choose for your keychain pen.

Point Type

The point or tip is one of the main factors of a keyring pen as it helps you write smoothly, replace the cartridges and refill the ink with ease. So, you must pay attention to whether the tip is working well or not.

Try twisting or unscrewing the tip when you are at the shop. If you’re unable to unscrew it comfortably or get stuck while twisting, avoid buying those pens.

Ink Color

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a doctor, nurse, student, or teacher; I always suggest buying the “black” ink instead of any other colors. It’s more formal and suits everyone best.

You can also go with the “blue” one if you need a keychain pen just for informal writing purposes.

Size / Dimensions

There is no doubt that a lightweight and compact keychain pen is handy or more convenient to use. So make sure you get your hands on a mini pen keychain, which should be easily attachable to your keychain or can be kept inside your pockets.


Indeed, some refills are universal in many keychain pens, and some are not.

Universal ones are super easy to handle, even if the ink runs out. Conversely, other top keychain pens may feature some customized or unique shapes.

Trust me; there is no need to get the most expensive keychain pen if you want to get a model with refills. Yep, it’s possible to find a comparatively cheap keychain pen that offers free refills!

Final Verdict!

The purpose of writing this review was only to give you the best keychain pen for your daily usage, especially if you have to take some quick notes every once in a while!

But if you still can’t make a final decision about your purpose, I’d suggest you spend your cash on the Keysmart ‎KS810SS. From excellent ink quality to durability, this one is by far the best tiny pen for everyone, in my opinion.

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