Best Shoulder Strap Pad for Bag

Shoulder pads have been evolving with time passing by. But did you know that they were first invented as an accessory for football players? Now, they are used in fashion and in any situation where a strap can put unnecessary pressure on us. This strap can be from anything, starting from backpacks, purses, seatbelts, etc.

To give maximum comfort in carrying a heavy bag, you need a wide, long, and soft shoulder pad. It needs to be stable and smooth. Hence, to help you find the best product, we’ve reviewed some of the best shoulder strap pad below.

Top 7 Shoulder Strap Pads

There is a vast range of strap cushions in the market, each with its distinctive features. Check out some of the best ones below:

1. Pro Tec Deluxe Neoprene Shoulder Strap Pad

Pro Tec Deluxe Neoprene Shoulder Strap Pad

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The Pro Tec cushions have a 2-inch width and 12.5-inch length to cover your shoulders. They’re very thick and have neoprene padding. This kind of padding ensures that your shoulders are not taking too much pressure and the weight is evenly spread.

The Pro Tec Deluxe also has an impressive grip as it will never slip from your shoulders. You can carry your backpack effortlessly with your straps always staying in place. Moreover, these cushions are secured with hooks and loops for the pad to hold onto the belt.


  • Thick
  • Waterproof
  • Secured with hooks
  • Tight grip
  • Neoprene padding


  • Too big for small bags
  • Edges can be stiff


The cosmos shoulder pad for bag strap holds onto your bag tightly without having to worry about slipping.

2. ZINZ Ultra Thick Universal Shoulder Pad Cushion

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If you’re looking for the best padded shoulder strap replacement, this might be it.

These cushions from ZINZ are 33 cm long and 8 cm wide. They have a 2.5 thickness filled with premium quality memory foam that will give your shoulders extra comfort.

In order to release pressure from your shoulders and give it breathing space, these pads have air foams of double layers. They absorb any shock and pressure and let your shoulders feel as light as a feather. In addition, you can wash these products in the washer whenever. They also have a wide range of color options.


  • Stylish and color options are available
  • Great for guitar straps and most bags
  • Breathing space
  • Absorbs shock and pressure
  • Thick to give comfort


  • The lower layer of the pad is not as thick
  • Not enough friction


This product gives a variety of color options for style choices, and its foam thickness is outstanding.

3. Shacke Memory Foam Shoulder Pad

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If you’re looking for an ultra-long bag strap pad, this product from Shacke should be your way to go.

These pads are 12 x 3.5 inches in dimension to cover your shoulders, ideally both in terms of width and length. Therefore, say no to any extra pressure on your shoulders with this product. Besides, these pads are also super comfortable to use as they are made of extra-soft memory foam that will not shrink no matter what.

All kinds of bags are suitable for this fantastic product starting from backpacks, duffel bags, guitar cases, and more! Their position is also customizable as you can slide them from side to side.


  • Customizable positioning
  • Suitable for all bags
  • Extra-long length
  • Memory foam for comfort
  • Easily switchable


  • Edges not padded
  • It can be a bit lose


This product is best to use if you have broad shoulders and need straps that will cover your whole shoulder.

4. NEPAK 2 Pack Replacement Shoulder Pad Curved

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Carrying a heavy bag on your shoulder can be highly excruciating if you don’t have the right pad in the straps.

Hence, to provide you with maximum comfort, Nepak has brought some excellent strap protection. In addition to having a shoulder strap pad velcro, this product contains premium foam that will release all the pressure when carrying a bag. It is 32 cm in length and 8 cm in width.

This product is best suited for use in guitar straps. However, they can also be easily used in all kinds of bags, starting from camera bags to laptop messengers. You can wash these pads anytime if dirty as they’re washing machine proof.


  • Velcro attachment
  • Washable
  • Comfortable
  • Compatible with maximum guitar straps
  • Adjustable


  • Not suitable for all backpacks


This product will not have a too-tight grip on your shoulders, enabling you to have breathing space and comfort.

5. COSMOS 2Pak Shoulder Strap Pads

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Cosmos padded shoulder strap is honestly the best if you’re looking for some pads to carry bags for light use.

These cushions are about 1.5 inches in width, and they will cover your entire shoulder, removing all pressure. They also have Velcro to attach the pads with the strap. The Velcro will enable you to tighten the cushions according to your preference and keep them in place.


  • Great for camera bags and seat belts
  • 12 inches long
  • Velcro to hold the pads tight
  • Cushions provide comfort
  • Suitable for carrying moderate weight


  • Strong smell when opened
  • Can slip sometimes


This product is an excellent use if you’re looking for some Velcro cushions to grab onto your straps.

6. HAZARD 4 Deluxe Shoulder Strap Pad w/MOLLE Top (R)

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With Nylon lining, the Hazard 4 strap cushions are 14.6 inches long with 2.8 inches in width. They can fit any strap that is 2 inches wide and will give a satisfactory performance. Moreover, this product is made with quality nylon and mesh that is breathable.

Each package of this product contains a single strap. On the other hand, to secure it tightly, the brand has added velcro fasteners. These cushions also provide sweat management and breathing space for your comfort.


  • Thick
  • It can be slid around
  • Made with nylon and breathable mesh
  • Great for heavy use
  • Compatible with any 2″ strap


  • Heavy in size
  • Softness can cause the pad to squish


These pads are a great use if you want to do some heavy weightlifting as they provide excellent support to the shoulders, releasing pressure.

7. VC VINTAGE Leather Shoulder Strap Pad

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The VC Vintage leather shoulder strap pad has a vintage leather look and can carry all kinds of bags. They can also fit into any 2″ strap. In addition, they offer adjustment in sliding down the pad up and down positioning it however you want.

These pads are made with grain leather and provide a stylish look for your straps. You can get both comfort and ease using these strap supports.


  • Vintage look
  • Quality leather
  • Easy to install
  • Used in all bags
  • It perfectly matches leather bags


  • Average finishing


This product will provide you with a striking stylish look to carry your leather backpacks.

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Tips to Choose the Best Shoulder Strap Pad

Shoulder strap cushions are an essential item for those who carry bags often. If it is a heavy bag, then say no more! Without a cushion, the straps put all the bag’s weight on our shoulders with high pressure.

This can cause back pain, shoulder pain, and fatigue if done regularly. Hence, a cushion is necessary.

But not any bag cushion would do. The market has a vast range of options for these products, and before buying one, you have to keep a few factors in mind. Therefore, to purchase the best shoulder strap pad, some tips you should utilize are given below:


Design is a crucial factor when buying any accessory. For shoulder pads, too, you should get a product that fits your style. Many people are especially mindful of this factor, and they like to buy products that have a design that matches their bag. For example, some people want to opt for leather pads because they have a leather bag.

On the other hand, some also like to match colors when buying a strap cushion. However, remember that it is also vital to ensure that your cushion has a sound pressure releasing system.


Size is a critical factor when buying padding for backpack straps. You should buy a product that fits comfortably on your shoulders. Longer cushions are better as they cover the whole space. Also, make sure they fit the strap well.

Soft and Comfort

The whole purpose of buying backpack strap pads is to give yourself some comfort when carrying a bag. Hence, your product must be soft enough.

If there is extra padding for shoulder straps, then even better. This will make sure the pads are extra soft and release minimal pressure on your shoulders. A product with sweat management also ensures necessary comfort.

Widely Suitable

The more bags your product is compatible with, the better. Nowadays, most strap cushions are ideal for multiple bags like purses, duffel bags, messenger bags, etc.


What material your cushion is made with also plays an important role. Such as:

Provides strength and stiffness to the pad
Good for aesthetic looks
Easy to install and handle
Provides stability to the pad

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to make a shoulder strap pad at home? Watch this video from Video Tutorials from Channel.

Final Words

Getting a strap cushion truly makes carrying a heavyweight on your shoulders more comfortable. To help you find the best one, we reviewed some of the best shoulder strap pad out there. We hope you found your match here!

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