How Long Should a Tie Be? Proper Tie Length Guide with Size Chart

how long should a tie be

The tie has been one of the essential components of men’s formal wear for decades now, but sometimes people may not wear it just the right way. If the tie is an inch short or long, it could make you look sloppy. Therefore, men need to know how long should a tie be.

Wearing a tie of the incorrect length is very common, so don’t worry if you’ve got it wrong; the mistake is also very easy to fix. So, without further ado, let us jump right into the details!

Tips for the Proper Tie Length

You have to keep in mind a few key points for having the proper tie length and avoiding looking clumsy. If your tie goes past your belt or waistband, then it’s way too long. On the other hand, if the tie is way above your waistband, and you can see some of the shirt fabric in between them, then it’s too short.

The correct length of a tie is achieved when the end tip of the tie sits around the midway part of the waistband. Since each person’s torso length is different, we cannot give a measurement of the ideal tie length.

Additionally, where the waistband sits may vary depending on what type of pants are worn. For context, the waistband of a custom-made suit usually sits a few inches higher than a trouser.

Tie Length Chart

For those of you, like me, who are big fans of neckties, it might be useful to know how long your ties should be. Below is a tie length chart that should help you to determine this.

Standard Tie Length

If you are around the average height for men, then the standard tie length will probably be great for you.

There are plenty of options nowadays, but the 57 inches of these standard-length ties suffice most men. It is long enough for the keeper loop to be reached by the back end, so the two ends of the tie are held together properly.

Correct Tie Length for Big Guys

For men of height above 6ft, standard ties may not be the right pick, or at least may not be the most convenient option.

Although there are a few hacks that might allow you to wear ties of standard length, you would be better off with a long tie. Unlike earlier times, there are many affordable options for longer ties now.

For all of you wondering how long a tie is, the average tie length is about 57 inches; the longer ties measure from 60 to 63 inches in length.

As we have mentioned before, a certain hack will let you use your older standard-length ties; this hack involves the use of tie clips.

When the big guys wear standard-length ties, the rear flap may not have a lot of fabric, so a tie clip can be used to lock it down between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt.

Lastly, if you’re in a rush, have neither long ties nor tie clips; just ditch the tie; a tie dangling loose is a horrible look.

Tie Tips for Shorter Men – Tie Length for Short Guys

More often than not, standard ties work perfectly for men with a height below the average, but there may be some exceptions. If you fall under this exception, then you do not have anything to worry about.

There are two options you may go for, tie a powerful knot that is slightly broader than a basic Windsor knot, or go for a child’s tie. We highly discourage going for the latter option; a child’s tie will rarely look as professional as one designed for adults.

By tying a powerful knot that is broad and big, you will be diverting people’s stare from your lower body to the upper portion; this makes you appear more confident as a shorter person and overall allows you to look impressive.

There are many tutorials online for complex knots that are a bit more time-consuming to tie, but it’s certainly worth it.

Tie Length for Married Man

Contrary to what some people may think, there are no real exceptions for tie length when it comes to married men. Married men are most likely to be working in a professional environment, so they need to dress smart.

Wearing a tie clip and making sure the tie falls just midway of the waistband is essential for them.

Another important piece of information is that you should maintain a strong and proper posture to look professional when dressed formally. This one is a general rule that applies to all, doesn’t matter if you’re married or not.

The Tie Clips Placement

Tie clips are excellent pieces of accessories for ties because they elevate the look to a more professional level while also acting as a tool to keep men’s tie length perfect. If you are wearing a tie outdoors, it’s wise to wear a tie clip as it holds down the tie in windy weather.

Always remember that you must wear this accessory between the third and fourth buttons, so it serves both of its purpose: holding the rear flap and making you look better.

It’s important to keep enough fabric for the rear flap when you’re tying your tie so that when you clip down the tie clip, the tie doesn’t pull up too much and look like it’s choking you.

You should know how a tie should fit, so it looks neither too loose and clumsy nor too tight and uncomfortable.

Use the Mirror

Quite often, men try to fix their tie just by feeling it and not even looking at the mirror; this can lead to a huge fashion disaster, and you might be wandering around looking clumsy without even knowing it. Therefore, you must take a close look at your reflection to make sure the length and fit of your tie are ideal.


Ties are generally worn in more professional settings, which require you to look smart. So, we hope that we were able to help you get a clear understanding of how long a tie should be. Now that you have a lot of knowledge regarding ties and their lengths, you can confidently flaunt your formal wear!

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